Uncertain Economy Yep But There Are Still Jobs

by Admin on August 28, 2011

The overall economy is still at a difficult stage. Whenever there is an open call for jobs, there are thousands of well-dressed applicants forming lines outside the door. In spite of the crowd, in spite of the poor economy, there are jobs out there and, especially, credible ways to move toward them.

Uncertain Economy Yep But There Are Still Jobs1 Uncertain Economy Yep But There Are Still Jobs

Try temporary agencies. During economic recessions, employers are lax to bring in full-time workers and pay out a lot of benefits. Typing skills become a calling card. Applicants move up levels if they have good spelling and writing skills.

If you have good writing and computer skills, setting up your own business as a freelance writer is a field that is immediately open. Setting up an eBay store is another home business requiring computer skills.

Other temporary outlets include day labor agencies. These jobs could garner you a few days or weeks experience in manufacturing, factory work or seasonal work in the fields. Paying minimum wages and short term, these jobs are always available.

In applying for any position, remember that it is good to have some sharp skills or experience to offer, something that will make you stand out from others. In fact, never stop learning and polishing skills, never stop studying. Take up those short-term opportunities to get experience.

Studying will help you in the most available job growth areas of health care. Home health aides require only a few weeks of training before obtaining certification. What’s good is that many of these positions require only the minimum of education. You don’t have to have a high school diploma.

Home health aides attend more to the physical environment than the direct medical concerns of their clients. Assisting the elderly and infirm, aides do light housekeeping and must be able to lift things. Aides may be required to wash and clean clients and help clients in their toilet duties.

Other entry level healthcare positions that are growing in demand and require more education include home health aides, nurse aides, certified nursing assistants and licensed practical nurses.

While looking for a temporary position, community college is the way to go. One- or two-year training can offer certification for technology jobs and bookkeeping jobs that are always in demand. Medical records training at the community college level will help fulfill the growing and required need of health institutions to convert their medical records in digital electronic medical records.

You can get community college training for Microsoft, CISCO, or CompTIA certification that can make you a specialist in computing networking, security, or even word-processing. Computer networking or security will always be open fields seeking trained, certified workers while offering good preparation for advancement with more training.

Training in electronics in high school or community college will prepare you as a line operator for the expanding field of telecommunications. Computer networking includes understanding wireless and mobile technologies dealing with the expanding use of smartphones and tablets.

There are many other community college training programs in technology fields that will have ongoing demand for workers. They include database administrators and web design.

Remember to keep a positive attitude and be forward-looking. While encouraging yourself, encourage others. Most jobs come through personal contact and personal networking. The person you gave hope to yesterday will not hesitate today with their personal recommendation for you.

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