5 Reasons to Get Lead Generation Services

It goes without saying that a sound marketing plan is a crucial component in any business. A good marketing plan is key in promoting the continual growth of any business, more so if the organization is a young one and still trying to get up and running smoothly. Even large companies still have to engage in marketing strategies to stay afloat. By now, you already [...]

How To Stay Focused On Studying During The Holidays

Although holidays are a good time to experience a change of pace, it’s still important to fit in some bookwork, too. After all, a little bit of effort now can generate a lot of benefit in a month or so. Whether it’s researching information for a paper, actually composing or revising that paper, or studying for exams that are looming ahead, small but steady progress [...]

Job Interview Skills How To Get The Job

A great resume is not enough to guarantee getting a great job. If you are up for interview then you need to outshine your competitors by developing your interview skills. Your skills will only get you so far; neglecting any one of these points could be interview suicide.  Remember that the way you present yourself to the interviewers represents the way that you will deal [...]

5 Signs That Finals Week is Coming

December is right around the corner! Which means…Christmas? Well, yes but also the most dreaded week of the school year: finals week. It’s coming up fast whether you like it or not. There is nothing you can do to prevent it. It will happen no matter what and you must deal with it. Look for the signs that show right before finals come around. If [...]

A Look at Full Sail University – Is it Worth It

There are a lot of universities that offer programs online. Full Sail University is one of those schools. However Full Sail is not like your traditional university. They gear their studies towards the entertainment industry, and if you thrive off creativity, this may be the most enticing part. Full Sail is known as a premier art, music, and film school. The pay offs of a [...]

College Senioritis

Senioritis is a disease that most commonly affects high school seniors. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think that this disease only affects high schoolers. I think that there are so many college students who can also obtain this horrible disease. When the student knows that they are graduating in one semester, they seem to slack off a little more than they should. Early signs: [...]

10-Sentence Exercise to Practice the Negative Form

Are you fully proficient in the negative form in English? Have you practiced it enough during your ESL classes? Here we offer you a quick exercise to practice your knowledge of the negative form. Give it a try and then share it with your ESL class as a fun activity you can “play” against time: the first to answer all ten sentences correctly wins extra [...]

Why You Need a University Education

Remember when you were a kid and wanted to be an astronaut or marine biologist or a superhero when you grew up? Remember when life happened and big dreams gave way to reality? Well, as it turns out reality might have done you a favour, especially if you followed your parents’ advice, went to university and came out with a practical degree. Forbes releases an [...]

Maths Teachers Get Failing Grades

It’s not uncommon for parents to struggle when it comes to helping their kids with maths homework. After all, maths is difficult enough the first time round and if your job doesn’t involve fractions, equations and geometry it’s very easy to forget what was learned 30 years ago. Then there is the fact that as education evolves, what kids learn at school now is not [...]

To Transfer or Not to Transfer

Did someone give you a dirty look on campus? Maybe you should transfer. Did a teacher lose one of your assignments? Maybe you should transfer. Do you see pictures of all of your high school friends who are all going to the same college? Well, maybe you should transfer! Or maybe you should just suck it up! (Sorry, too harsh?) The thing is, if these [...]