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    Will I get job without C++, .NET & C# Certificates having completed B.Tech(ECE)?

    Hello sir.
    I am vipin kumar sagar.
    i completed B.Tech(ECE) with aggregate 67%.
    I am average in communication skills.
    I have no other certificates like C++, C#, .net etc.
    Can i get a job without certification.
    I am very frustrated.
    Help me ... THANK YOU..

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    Re: Will I get job without C++, .NET & C# Certificates having completed B.Tech(ECE)?

    Dear Friend,

    If you have a good programming logic and skill there is no need for additional certificates.

    But additional certificates are an asset for good prospects.

    But if you manage to convince the placement board your technical skill then it won't be a problem.

    The communication problem you have ,can be rectified if you attend some finishing schools or IELTS like coaching classes.

    Also it is preferable if you take official training in Group Discussion and Interviews.

    Wish you all the best.

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    Re: Will I get job without C++, .NET & C# Certificates having completed B.Tech(ECE)?



    Utility programs are short single purpose programs that run from
    the command line. They may need a configuration file though often they don't and in they most likely plain text.

    MORE C/C++/C#:

    1. Developing in java

    2.Tutorial C++

    3.Download visual C++

    4.C C++ programming.

    This counts how many links of code are in a file being C++,wrapping everything in a class improves the quality of the code.In the version used string so there is little individuate checking the command line parameters.

    This is meant for running on windowsand is compiled using visual C++ 2010 express.Micro soft safe version of these all have on the end and usually an extra paramter or two indicating a maximum size.If you are using a different compiler use he original versions they produced these safe function and decided i should use them in my C code from now on as a good examples.


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