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    Whether having 10 years long gap in studies after 10+2 will be issue in getting IT jobs?

    Dear All,I completed 10+2 in 1999 and remained unemployed till 2009. In 2009 i took admission in BA from a distance university and completed it in 3 year timeframe. i took admission in MCA in 2012 itself and hope to finish it by mid of 2014.I wish to know whether this long gap would be a constraint in getting a job in IT. kindly tell me how do i justify this gap in resume.p.s. In those 10 years i was enrolled in 5 year intergrated PG course, but could not complete it.for 3-4 years i was not doing anything in education or employment. i took a fresh start in 2009.Thanks

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    Re: Whether having 10 years long gap in studies after 10+2 will be issue in getting IT jobs?

    Its never too late to take the Fitst step,its good you resumed your education.

    After finishing your MCA in 2014 you will be considered a Fresher and will be able

    to apply for jobs in IT field.

    Top IT companys in India have strict Eligibility criteria like educational qualifications

    with 1st class from 10th boards onwards without any backlogs and clearing it in 1st

    attempts.They also specify the gap duration allowed in the course of education & career.

    They may have Age Critera and other criteria of experience etc.

    So,to some extent a long gap or age factor may pose some problem for you.But there are

    other companies in India which might not have such criterias.All private companys have

    different sets of criteria,some have only criteria of this year passouts/Freshers.

    Dont Worry!you finish your studies and start applying to jobs.

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    Re: Whether having 10 years long gap in studies after 10+2 will be issue in getting IT jobs?

    Hai friend's

    some companies will see only the educational qualification and give you the job

    some companies will ask you the question ,why you having the gap between the studies

    if the correct reason means ,their can accept and give the job

    every companies have their own rules and the regulations

    after completing the mca in 2014 apply to the job

    you will be consider as the fresher in the job

    get the good percentage in your mca

    and apply to the best multiple national companies

    hope this information helps you

    good luck

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