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    Where to get questions related to the Interior Designing Scholarship?

    Where will i get the questiones related to the interior designing scholarship?

    I am appearing for it so please help me.

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    Re: Where to get questions related to the Interior Designing Scholarship?

    Well there r a lot of scholarship tests held in india for giving financial assistance to the interior designers..generally all of them r meant to test how gud the students r at their academics so the pattern of almost all of them is the same ….am discussing here the pattern of the scholarship program known as the Brij shanti test conducted by IIFA…this scholarship test contains the following sections :

    General ability
    This part consists of quantitative analysis, English comprehension skills as well as communication tests. Managerial ability
    This part encompasses General knowledge as well as reasoning powers.
    Creative ability
    Anything related to art ,design ,generally puzzles r given n u have to solve them in order to complete ur mission …

    If u r taking a scholarship test in between ur academics ,u most probabaly will be subjected to another section meant to check ur academic skills …

    Some of the books u can follow to be successful in getting ur scholarship are:
    Higher creativity for virtual teams by Steven P. MacGregor, Teresa Torres-Coronas
    The Complete Book of Intelligence Tests by Philip Carter
    Becoming an Interior Designer by Christine M. Piotrowski
    Design management: managing design strategy, process and results by Kathryn Best

    Ol d best …do well !

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