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    What will be the life as a Chef? Different posts in Kitchen?

    i'm thinking of becoming a chef and planed to join the oberio hotel institute. how will he life be as a chef? different posts in the kitchen?

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    S.Venkateshwarulu Array
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    Re: What will be the life as a Chef? Different posts in Kitchen?

    Hi Buddy,

    This is one option which purely depends upon you i.e the more you showcase your talent and attract others with your food the more you have chances of leading a successful life.

    --> As you have mentioned your intention is to become a chef so mostly your life would be to make new dishes.
    --> Preparing a new dish is mostly the simplest part because your job is to create such innovative dishes but the major problem is that the people who tastes your dish must be satisfied.
    --> The more you succeed in preparing the tastier dishes the more are chances for your improvement in your job.
    --> The maximum post for you would be as a Head Chef in a reputed hotel.
    --> As you are still in thinking part of joining an hotel institute i would suggest you to think properly because if it's your hobby then you will make it into your profession.
    --> Hobby and profession are two different things altogether.
    --> To succeed as a chef is not that easy because each and every person has his own opinion when it comes to the food he eats and the taste he has.
    --> To satisfy all it would be a great challenge but if you succeed then you'll be the most happiest person in the world, as satisfying so many people isn't a cakewalk.

    So, decide properly about the pro's and con's of a chef and make your decision.
    All the best.

    @ S.Venkateshwarulu

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