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    What types of questions are there in Vocabulary, Reading and Grammar sections of TOEFL exam?

    How can i have toefl tests such as vocabulary,
    reading, grammer, and other kinds of its questions?
    how the papers of these would comes???????
    i don't know about it
    so please let me know

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    Re: What types of questions are there in Vocabulary, Reading and Grammar sections of TOEFL exam?

    TOEFL stands for Test Of English as a Foreign Language. This is a test taken for any course admissions in USA and Canada. Many other countries are also using this test for admissions to various courses.
    TOEFL includes the following sections:

    This test includes vocabulary and idiomatic expressions in spoken English and special grammatical constructions commonly used in speech.

    In the test, you will hear short versations as well as long conversations. After the short conversation, you will be asked one question and multiple choices of answers will be given. You have to choose one answer. In the long conversations, you will be asked multiple questions based on the conversation. You have to choose the correct answer for each question.

    This test includes sentences to test your knowledge of important structural and grammatical elements of standard written English. These sentences include a variety of topics and not specific to any specific field of study.

    Many of the topics may refer to the United States or Canadian history, culture, art, or literature. However, you do not need to have a prior knowledge of these topics to answer these questions.

    you will be provided with several short passages. You must read and underst and the passage and then answer the questions based on the passage.


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