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    What should I opt in between Psychology(H) and BBA being a commerce student without maths?

    I am confused between psychology hons and BBA please help me out...
    I am a student of commerce without maths and I have already got
    admission in psychology in D.U and also in BBA in I.P university....
    what should I prefer???

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    Re: What should I opt in between Psychology(H) and BBA being a commerce student without maths?

    Compare of Psychology Bachelor of Business Administartion has more career scope.

    But still you should choose the course in which you have more interest.

    To Succesful in Psychology ,you need to have some skills

    1. Lot of patience
    2. Understanding nature
    3. Very good listening skills
    4. Able to communicate well to people of all walk of life.
    5. Strenght to see the problem objectively without being personal.

    If you think you have all the required skills (or at least some of them ) than you can go for this field.

    Where as

    Bachelor of Business Administration is best course with these subjects.Bachelor of Business Administration is 3 yrs under graduate level course of Business Management.

    In BBA you study various subjects and can do further studies according to your interest in any subjects.

    Some Subjects in BBA

    Principles of Management
    Business Mathematics and Statistics
    Business Economics
    Introduction to Operations Research
    Financial and Management Accounting
    Production and Material Management
    Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
    Marketing Management
    Business Data Processing
    Business Laws

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