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    What should I do if I have been shortlisted for IFMR but don't have documents to submit?

    I have a score of 85.42 percentile in CAT 2011. I have got a call from the Institute for Finance Management and Research- Chennai. But my graduation scores aren't good. Its 62.4 % only which is a second division score. So I was afraid if I can get an admission in this very prestigious institute. That is why I have taken admission in a Mat college under Punjab University named NDIM(New Delhi Institute of Management) as I was selected there. But now I have got an email from IFMR that i am shortlisted for the GD-PI. My career is at stake, plz help. I know I can study well this time. But I am not sure if I can get into the IFMR. My documents are submitted in that MAT college, I can only get it back after I refrain my admission there.

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