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    What should I chose to become a software engineer?

    Hey i am currently doing my IB diploma. I want to become a software engineer and i will probably go abroad to do my undergrad. Now i am confused as the universities offer software engineer courses through BSC and BSE (bachelor of software engineering). BSE looks more appealing but the problem is it has a lot of hardware and math component which i am not good in . I am good in Software and programming part. NOw what should i take . please help

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    panex Array
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    Re: What should I chose to become a software engineer?

    hello friend,

    To become a software engineer, you need to complete your graduation from a recognized university.

    You cannot become a software engineer with your 12th standard knowledge.

    If you go for B.Tech, it will be better for you to become a software engineer.

    If you selected CSE Stream, it will be helpful to you to become a good programmer.

    Before completing graduation, learn some important computer languages like C, C , Java or .NET to become a software developer.

    To get into engineering field, you need to write entrance exam such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, BITS Pilani, etc.

    After writing the entrance exam, you will be allotted to a particular engineering college.

    There you can choose specialization or stream according to your interest.

    After completion of Graduation, you can go for MCA (Master in Computer Applications)

    It will help you more to become a good programmer.
    Best of luck!

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    Re: What should I chose to become a software engineer?

    Hello guest,
    You said thatyou are hood in software and programming and you aim is to become a Software engineer.
    You can do B.TECH in Computer Science and Engineering and can get jobs as Software Engineer.
    Better to learn C/C++ or Java language si that you will get preferance as an engineer.
    Another useful language is ORACLE which most of the company preffer for developing there Business Software.
    Another thing you can do is MCA and can get jobs in Software industry.
    Best ofvluck.

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    Re: What should I chose to become a software engineer?

    Hello Friend,
    To be software engineer you should have more knowledge about your programming section.After your 10th you can take any coaching in programming and also computer languages.
    And also you can complete your 12th in science and then complete you bachelor degree in cs or IT from a recognized University.
    you have to more knowledge about languages like
    Dot Net
    HTML,etc.In this field you should have more knowledge.After complete your bachelor degree you have to attend software based companies.
    There are so many companies based on your software sectors.
    Be prepare your self and confidently attend written exams and some interviews of companies.

    Best of luck for your carrier.Thank you....

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    Re: What should I chose to become a software engineer?


    To become a Software Engineer the basic thing is
    you should be graduate

    So do your graduation with computer science group like

    BSc(Computer Science)

    With graduation qualifications you can apply for top companies like:



    For the following posts you can apply jobs in software companies:-

    1)Software Engineer(Programmer)
    3)Database Analyst
    4)Network Analyst
    5)Web designer
    7)Network Programmer
    8)System Engineer
    9)Hardware Engineer

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    Re: What should I chose to become a software engineer?

    Dear friend,
    - I really want to appreciate your involvement and interest to become a Software Engineer in future. This field is really good one to make your carrier.
    - Steps to follow to become a Software Engineer as follows:
    * After passing diploma, you are eligible for appearing the LEET exam through which you will easily get the direct admission in the 2nd year of engineering.
    * Select the good college for doing your Engineering course, as you are interested to become a Software Engineer its better to take up Computer Science course as your field of studies or either Information Technology.
    * You can also opt for Electronics and Communication course only if you are interested in Electronics side also if not drop the idea and go for Computer Science course.
    * you will be having campus placement coming in to your college where various Software companies selects the best candidates.
    * To get placed in the companies you need to be have 60-70% in 10th,12th and Graduation plus skills like aptitude, technical and Communication which you can improve while you come into college.
    * And that's it if you follow the above steps you can become a Software Engineer.

    - I hope my this information will help you to remove your doubts.

    All the best

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