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    What is meant by SSB Interview?

    I have completed by NCC certificate and having confusion having about the meaning of SSB interview.....! Thank you very much...

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    Re: What is meant by SSB Interview?

    What is the whole procedure of recruitment in Indian Air Force?

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    Re: What is meant by SSB Interview?


    don't confuse ssb interview is nothing but not general interview process .


    * ARMY

    * NAVY



    * NDA

    * CDSE


    In above exams are grouped and called as SSB INTERVIEW .

    best of luck......

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    Re: What is meant by SSB Interview?

    I get the NCC \'C\' certificate with B grade and I completed B-tech now i will attend the ssb interview then what I do

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    Re: What is meant by SSB Interview?

    The SSB interview is conducted for the joining of the Indian Army..
    There are three selection Centres located across the country..These are at Allahabad, Bhopal and Bangalore..Each selection centre consists of four to five Service Selection Boards (SSBs). Your SSB interview will happen at one of these centres..


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    Re: What is meant by SSB Interview?

    Hai Friend..,

    >> SSB-Staff selection Board :This interview is conducted after written exam who have successfully completed CDS exam.

    >> In this interview common Question will ask .So prepare common Question which is held in the India recently.

    >> So in this interview you have give one answer only and make a confidence while giving answer to the interviewers.

    >> So if you follow these steps you will defintely get job.

    >> But here you have to prepare your self at your home infront mirror.So do like this you will 100% get the job.

    For more details you can go through the link ;--

    ............GOOD LUCK...........

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    Re: What is meant by SSB Interview?

    hi friend ,

    SSB -SERVICES SELECTION BOARD which conducts interviews for army,navy,air force training .
    SSB is simply an interview session after clearing the respective written exams for many forces or there are some direct entry forms available from which you can go for SSB directly .
    it is the 5 days session in which they check your communication skills , mind skills etc.
    and they can only expelled you out on 1st or the last day .
    you can also take coaching for SSB as there are many centers providing coaching .
    so, to clear SSB improve your communication skills and mind skills.



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    Re: What is meant by SSB Interview?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    I have completed by NCC certificate and having confusion having about the meaning of SSB interview.....! Thank you very much...
    HI!There is an special entry for N.C.C candidate after passing graduation with any stream.

    In this there is no written exam you have to face direct interview that is known as S.S.B interview.

    S.S.B stand for Service Selection Board.

    If you qualify the S.S.B interview then you have to qualify the Medical Exam.

    After qualifying all the stage you can join Indian Army as officer..

    For date or recruitment refer to employment news paper.


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    Re: What is meant by SSB Interview?

    my dear friends,
    you say that about What is meant by SSB Interview?
    i will give you information about SSB interview
    SSB stand by (Services Selection Board)
    all goverment like navy ,NDA,airforce ,army ,CDSE, etc...........
    are called SSB exam ya interview and small persnal interview .
    WITH REGARDS MAHI GAUR..................

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    Re: What is meant by SSB Interview?

    Hai friends

    ssb stands for the service selection board

    after completing the degree courses ,if you are inserted in the public service like
    air force

    if you are having an ncc-a certificate you can apply to the above
    the selection process is called the ssb interview
    mainly it is use full to ncc -a candidates

    hope it is use full to u

    good luck

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    Re: What is meant by SSB Interview?

    dear friend,

    NDA and CDS are the exams for joining defence in India

    as you would be knowing that
    selection procedure for the exams consists of 3 stages
    • written exam
    • ssb
    • medical test

    so now you would have come to know that ssb is one stage of selection

    but now what is ssb

    Service Selection Board
    – SSB Interview Procedure
    it is a 5 Day Programs :
    The Candidates are called through “Call Letters

    4 Categories of Tests :

    1. Screening Test
    2. Psychological Test
    3. Group Testing Officers (GTO) Test
    4. Interview

    Screening Test that is First Day
    it will consists of

    1. Verbal and Non-Verbal Tests.
    2. Picture Story Writing followed by Discussion of the Stories


    those who clear this exam will be eligible for the next stage
    and the rest will be send back

    Psychological Test (Second day)

    This test IS divided into four parts
    • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) – Commonly known as Picture Story writing.
    • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
    • Self Description Test (SD)
    • Word Association Test (WAT)

    Group Testing Officers (GTO) Test (Third and Fourth day)

    this will include tests like
    • Group discussion
    • Group Planning Exercise (sometimes known as Military Planning Exercise)
    • Progressive Group Tasks
    • Individual Obstacles
    • Half Group Tasks
    • Group Obstacles Race
    • Command Task
    • Lecturette
    • Final Group Task

    and last but not the least
    Interview :
    which is Held during afternoon/evening hours of 2nd/3rd/4th day

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    Re: What is meant by SSB Interview?

    the SSB is Service selection board.
    It is a 5 day long interview conducted for recruitment in army, air force or navy.
    The SSB procedure goes like:
    Day 1: this is screening., you will have to pass verbal/non verbal reasoning test and
    a picture perception+group discussion test.

    if you are selected, then you will be kept for next 4 days there only.
    Day2: here you will be tested psychologically:
    you will have WAT (Word Association Test),
    TAT(Thematic Apperception Test ), and
    SRT (Situation Reaction Test).

    Day 3 and Day 4: here you will get GTO (ground tasks officer) tasks.
    You will have group test/tasks, lecturette, group planing exercise,
    individual obstacle and other physical tests.

    Day5: this is conference day and result is also declared on this day only.

    IN the mean while, your Personal Interview will be conducted any day from Day 2, 3 or 4.

    If you get selected, hen you will be sent for medical test
    and other further testings. !!

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    Re: What is meant by SSB Interview?

    Hello guest,
    SSB stand for service selection board.
    The procedure for recruitment in Indian Air force or Indian Neavy is go through three stages.
    Stage1: Written test(aptitude test).
    Stage2: SSB Interview.
    Stage3:Medical Test.
    A candidate is eligible for stage 2 if he successfully clear stage 1 and can Appear for stage 3 if he cleared stage 2.
    In written test you are asked to solve some logical problems baed on general mathematics.

    In SSB Interview is for your intellegent test and you are asked before the office to show your intellegence .
    You will asked to show your communication skill through Group Discussion.
    You are checked for Colour Blindness and other diseas.
    They will check your fitness in Medical Test.
    Good luck.

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