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    What if I have scored 52% in 12th and 80% in B.Tech?

    What will be the consequences if i have scored 52% in pcm in class 12th and scores 80% in

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    Re: What if I have scored 52% in 12th and 80% in B.Tech?

    Your Btech score is very Good.
    By scoring less than 60% marks in class 12th few companies may not allow you to sit in their Interview process thats it.
    Most of the companies only sees the BTECH scores.
    But many companies dont even consider the BTECh scores and just asks that candidates should ahve passed his BE/Btech with no backlogs.

    If you have completed your Btech, than i would suggest that you should start searching for the Jobs.
    use the services of Leading Job portals like, etc
    Apply for all the jobs available on these websites wherever you are eligible.

    Also give the GATE exams which are conducted by IIT.
    GATE scores are used by PSU to shortlist candidates for the Job Interviews
    LAst date to apply for GATE 2013 is 30th Sep 2012
    GATE exams is scheduled for 20th Jan 2013
    You just need to be BTech pass to sit in the GATe exams.

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