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    What if I don't answer Numerical and Data Analysis in UGAT?

    i have not opted maths as my main subject in 12th commerce... In place of maths i have opted for geography.... But i want to answer UGAT to do BBA.... i dont answer numerical and data analysis in UGAT exam??

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    Re: What if I don't answer Numerical and Data Analysis in UGAT?

    Many students opt for other subjects instead of maths in their commerce 12th.

    As UGAT may have four sections to be answered by the students to take admission in BBA.

    Numerical and Data analysis
    General Awareness

    students need to attempt questions from all the section to be able to clear the examination.

    As you have asked that you not have maths in your 12th commerce

    you need not to worry much as questions in section Numerical and Data analysis will have the level of 10th maths not more than that

    if possible you should revise the some methods you have studied in your class 10th

    but you must attempt the portion of Numerical and Data analysis section and

    solve some questions correct the to get selected in the examinations.

    Numerical and Data analysis will not have 12th class based mathematics questions

    or may have very very few questions from 12th maths.


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