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    What an HR should do for improvement?

    what should i do i,m HR for more improvement I want to do someting?

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    arpita_31 Array
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    Re: What an HR should do for improvement?

    You should go for further courses in Training, there are many certificate courses running in the market, Search for the options in the field in which you want to go for LIKE training to the corporate, industry, company, banking, insurance etc. employees and gain the knowledge regarding that..
    You can also go for computer courses to manage the database of employees..
    Enrich yourself with regard the development techniques for the employees of your company, their motivation, recreation, leisure time utilisation and knowledge development...
    HR is the most important part of any organisation as you are the people who bring the human capital to work for the organisation...

    All the best

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    Re: What an HR should do for improvement?

    Human Resource is a very important asset for any organization. And learning is a continous process for improvement. It is very important for an HR person to learn continously & to improve and more than that the other good thing is that you are ready to improve.
    There a lot of courses for HR professionals which may add value to your knowledge. I am attaching a few links you can check them and apply for them in accordance to your interest
    1. www.vskills.in/
    2. www.leadcap.org
    3. www.isabs.org/
    4. www.shrmindia.org/certification-preparation
    5. www.istdtrg.org
    6. www.bodhih.com
    There are many more you can search them on google. Above mentioned are a few very famous & renowned courses.
    You can also register in sites like
    These sends some latest articles related to the field on your mail box. A few of them reqires membership.
    i hope the information is of some kind of help to you.

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    Re: What an HR should do for improvement?


    hello friend here are some basic qualities that need to be there for being good HR,

    1.First of all get your Basics of speaking righ t it is very much needed.

    2.Try to mingle with all of the people , develop Interpersonal realtionship.

    3.Many of the companies are looking for well educated and well dressed people.

    4.Also learn all the key concepts of accountancy sure it will help.

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    Re: What an HR should do for improvement?

    HR is most importante part of company so you will mainten above other people skills .
    experience is must this field you gain knowledge every professional work like business, market,shares, etc.....
    you improve more and more its your benefit for HR job.
    you will search web site according to your interest job

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