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    What to do and what not to do for reputed degree course in Event Management?

    dear sir/mamactually i am foced about event management but evry institute is giving its diploma , but i want reputed degree course for event management .and i m confused what to do and what to not . please help me out .

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    Re: What to do and what not to do for reputed degree course in Event Management?

    If you want to pursue a career in event management than a degree in the same isnít the only requirement. However, it will give you
    a lot of advantage over other who do not have any degree. A MBA with event management as a specialization is the best education
    qualification that you can have in this field. There are many colleges that offer this qualification
    National Academy of Event Management & Development being one of them. You can also pursue degree in Public relations ,
    hospitality management to make a career in this field. A diploma in Advertising, Media and Events (PGDAME) from the
    National Institute of Event Management (NIEM), Mumbai followed by Post-Graduate Diploma in Event Management (PGDEM) is also a good career choice to make.


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