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    What can I do if I an unable to speak fluently in English?

    i can complete bsc computer science last year now i am doing data entry jobs i dont speak fluently in english whatt can i do

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    arpita_31 Array
    Join Date
    Apr 2012

    Re: What can I do if I an unable to speak fluently in English?

    Dont be demotivated, have confidence, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE (I + M + Possible), If you read the english newspaper and just note down 10 words daily from that and find the meaning, its is going to give you confidence, read slowly but clearly for 10 - 15 minutes daily by standing in front of the mirror..
    Confidence is the key to success.
    there are many opportunities lying in the government sector, you can also join shorthand classes so that you can apply for PA positions also...
    All the best for the future

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    wipro84 Array
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    Jan 2012

    Re: What can I do if I an unable to speak fluently in English?

    Hi friend,

    English language is most popular language in all countries in the world.Those who don't know speak the english fluency then will suffer in different situations.

    For improving english fluency you should practice a lot.Here i mentioned some rules for improving the english follow them.

    1. Build Your Emotion :

    This step is most important to speak english fluently but most students forget it ,when you are motivated you fast and easily.

    2. Study English Everyday :

    If you wank to speak english fluently learn a new word everyday.

    3. Find Material that goes with your level :

    Each english student has a different thinking.Buy the best books which you have interest.

    4. Repeat What You Studied :

    This is also a one more important step.Without this you never speak the english fluently.

    Try to remember the words or rules how to use the english in speaking.

    5. Find Some English Friends :

    Try to gather the new words for old words.In this way also you learn the english very well.

    6. Find English Friends :

    Do the friendship with english knowing friends.And speak with them only in english.Defintely you will increase the well speaking english with in a short time.

    7. Practice English :

    If you don't have the english friends practice the english by your own in front of the mirror.

    >>> Some TIPS to improving the english :

    1. Read the english NOVELS.

    2. Watch the english cartoons.

    3. Watch the english movies with sub-titles.

    4. Read the english newspapers like





    All the best..........

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    Lks Rcs Array
    Join Date
    Dec 2011

    Re: What can I do if I an unable to speak fluently in English?


    English is just a language . don't think its very tough one . if you are interested to study it will
    to you and speak very well in future . all those important is practices.

    some steps to be follow :

    - reading news papers daily
    - watching english movie with sub titles
    - talking with your friends and family members daily

    books reference :

    - r.s agarwal for verbal and reasoning
    - story books
    - grammar books also

    important things :

    - don't shy to speak english with others
    - be confidence
    - be bold and honest what ever you know to share with others .

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    popeye Array
    Join Date
    May 2012

    Re: What can I do if I an unable to speak fluently in English?

    Having good communication skill is a must to secure a good job. Effective communication is an effective tool to achieve long run success. Also it is not possible to improve it overnight. You need to take a lot effort to improve it.


    Some Tips to increasing your English fluency :

    The best thing you can do is do a lot of reading of newspapers, Magazines, watch English news channel.

    This will really help you in improving your communication skills. You can even buy some books from which teach you proper grammar and communication skills.

    You can read various books which are Wren and Martin which is the best book in the world for English speaking and Grammar.

    You must speak to the people in english as much as you can and i am sure that in few days you will start getting a fluent english.

    You can join any Coaching Classes in you city.

    You must also improve your reading habit by reading Novels and Magazines and which will also develop your Mind.

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    Raj@08 Array
    Join Date
    Apr 2012

    Re: What can I do if I an unable to speak fluently in English?

    English is nowadays very common and mostly used langauge, but you dont worry.
    With bit of practice and more of reading english books and novels you can surely improve your english..
    But if you are not good, then dont be demotivated, just increase your knowledge in your own interest field and earn good reputation and money.
    With daily speaking in english language you can gain the required command on it.. Have confidence.
    Nothing is impossible.
    All the best

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    Neha S Array
    Join Date
    Dec 2011

    Re: What can I do if I an unable to speak fluently in English?

    Hello friend

    English is accepted as a common means for communication .So ever person should have full command over this language also like the mother tongue.

    For enhancing the English fluency ,go through the following tips.:

    1. Try to learn new words.

    2. Go through the English Newspapers,novels,magazines, articles, TV news etc to learn new words.

    3. Speak words in english .

    4. Speak proper sentences in English in front of mirror.

    5. Remove this thing from your mind that you are not good in English so yur confidence will enhance.

    6. Speak English with your friends also ,with your family also .

    7. Try to remember the new English words.

    8. Dont feel Shy to speak english

    Some of these tips could be helpful if you are determined to learn English by heart.

    Best of luck

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    samrat2012 Array
    Join Date
    May 2012

    Re: What can I do if I an unable to speak fluently in English?

    Hi aspirant,

    Friend with a good communication skill in English you can never make good future in IT industry.

    Even in recent scenario English is compulsory for every job and business.

    So in my suggestion you should start to learn English as soon as possible if you want to make your future bright and successful.

    It will be also helpful in promotion and will make you confident.

    To learn speaking English you can join any good institute in your city like veta, American English etc.

    You can also do self practice of speaking by good books.

    First of all improve your grammar and then try to speak it in English.

    You should Listen English news, read English newspaper and magazine.

    You can also held discussion with your friend and colleague in English.

    Watch English movie and listen English song and program.

    Whatever is possible make the environment around of you totally English.

    I am sure you would not take much time to achieve fluency English.

    You should also increase your vocabulary, So learn 5 to 10 vocab daily.

    Books for speaking English

    Best of Luck…

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