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    What is the answer of this Mathematics Problem?

    Once there were two scientists traveling in a train from Mumbai to Agra. One of them was a mathematician, he had the habit of talking in mathematical terms.To overcome the boredom of the journey, Second Scientist asked him how many children do you have.First Scientist replied ''I have three daughters''. Second Scientist asked for their ages.First Scientist replied the product of their ages is 36 and the sum of their ages is equal to your house number.Second Scientist thought for a while and requested him to give one more hint as the information was not sufficient for guessing the correct ages of the three daughters.First Scientist gives him the last clue that ''My eldest daughter has blue eyes''.Immediately,the Second Scientist could tell him his daughters' ages.

    what are their ages ?options : a) 2,2,9
    b) 6,6,1
    c) 4,9,1
    d) 2,3,6

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