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    Is web designing a good professional course? Chance of getting good job in Kolkata after this course?

    Is web designing a good professional course in kolkata? How much is there chance of getting a good job after doing the course in kolkata.

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    Re: Is web designing a good professional course? Chance of getting good job in Kolkata after this course?

    If you're going to make Web design or Web development your career, there are many things you'll want to think about. It's important to know what you're getting into before you decide on a job including how much it pays, what the hours are, and what will be expected of you. If you then decide to freelance as a Web developer, you'll have to learn how to manage your business and your finances. The articles found here will help you decide if you want to be a professional Web developer and take you through the steps of finding work, getting the job, managing your business, and maintaining your site and reputation.

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    Re: Is web designing a good professional course? Chance of getting good job in Kolkata after this course?

    its a good course if you have interest in it.

    However there are certain pros and quons that you need to be aware of like the work details, salary , type of work...etc
    As far as chances goes of getting god job in kolkatta is upto you and your hardwork , coz the better you perfrom the best you get...

    so best of luck...

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    Re: Is web designing a good professional course? Chance of getting good job in Kolkata after this course?

    Well.... indeed web designing is a very good professional course .I am A resident of Kolkata and also an engineer myself...so am quite well aware of this ...... i will be sharing my knowledge with you regarding this

    with the boom in technological and industrial progress in India there is rapid increase of online activities and so the demand for making or creating more and more website become common.......... as a result more and more web page builder are required for the purpose . nowadays there are numerous web designing companies available throughout India and some are also based in Kolkata
    hence in the same way many web designing institutes sprang up in Kolkata

    am shortlisting a few institutes prevalent in KOLKATA offering web designing courses
    4.Arena Multimedia

    ~these institutes are located in various places in KOlkata and also have many branches all over the city
    ~they also offer PART TIME/FULL TIME COURSES
    ~you can get DIPLOMA as well as Graduation Degree from them (under IGNOU)

    after doing the web designing course from these institutes you will have the following options :

    1.you can sit for campussing where different companies will come and offer to recruit you.....you can join them at a salary of 10000-17000 per month

    2.you can start your web designing company along with some of your friends

    3. you can apply for jobs in different companies which give advertisements to recruit creative designers

    4.you can work under someone who is currently running some small web designing company as it will be kind of per time job

    5. you can work on CONTRACT BASIS....i.e. you can take contracts from different parties and deliver them according and they will pay you good sum of money

    so you can see that there is numerous options and scope in this field

    all you need is to work hard and make yourself more and more creative

    the better designs you make, you will get better remuneration, and of course more fame and exposure ..... as a results more clients will contact you for contracts

    WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Is web designing a good professional course? Chance of getting good job in Kolkata after this course?

    At various stages during the Web Design Professional Programme you'll be able to apply for a variety of job roles. Opportunities will increase with experience. The portfolio you create as you study will help you prove to hiring managers that you have the practical skills they're looking for.
    The Website Design Professional programme can lead to many job roles including:
    • Web Designer
    • Senior Web Designer
    • Creative Executive
    • Web Marketing Executive
    • Website Author


    Pay scales and benefits will vary by employer and industry type. Employed positions frequently offer excellent packages in terms of salary, expenses and other associated benefits such as company car, pension contributions and so on.
    Career progression within the IT industry is notoriously rapid for those with the right professional qualifications, attitude and experience.

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