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    Is it very difficult to pass JIPMER? Can I get seat in JIPMER?

    can i get seat in jipmer? it is really very difficult to pass in jipmer? i am an average student, how i want to prepare for jipmer... plz reply

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    Re: Is it very difficult to pass JIPMER? Can I get seat in JIPMER?

    Dear Friend...

    Nothing is Impossible in the World...

    You can pass JIPMER easily, only needed is your Contribution in study and your dedication... If you try with fully dedication you can pass easily...

    I Will give some ideas about the exam and pattern so you can easily understand in which way you go for preparation...


    1. Basically a Multiple Choice Question Paper. So you have to prepare in MCQ manner. Firstly you have to complete full syllabus which I discussed later on in this answer. You can try to solve different MCQ from different available resource...

    For that you can do Following Things...

    1. You can solve some papers.
    2. you can try to correlate MCQ with the theory
    3. You can make the question by your self
    4. You can refer some good books for that...

    2. 12th Standard Syllabus of CBSE

    for that you can try to complete each and every thing in the 12th syllabus..

    3. 200 MCQ in 3 hours..

    you have to be time specific in this case. you are not suppose to waste your time in examination.


    you can prepare only as per the syllabus...


    Solid State
    Coordination Chemistry
    D and F block Elements
    Alcohol and Ether
    Carbonyl Compound

    2. PHYSICS:

    Current Electricity
    Effects of Electric Current
    Nuclear Physics
    Atomic Physics
    Communication System

    3. BIOLOGY:

    Human and Plant Physiology
    Taxonomy of Living Organism
    Evolution Cell Biology


    don't confuse with so much of study material. Do preparation from standard books. you can refer one or two book for extra knowledge

    Update your self with new things and Current Scenario because there may be chance to ask such type of questions in examination about current scenario

    Day to day work completion, so no overburden in single moment and no accumulation at the end.

    Be Specific in Preparation

    Time Specification is much required during the preparation...

    If you follow these much of things you can easily get seat in the JIPMER...


    There is no option for Hard Working. you can do hard work and you will be passed...

    Hope this will help you
    All the best


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    Re: Is it very difficult to pass JIPMER? Can I get seat in JIPMER?

    i\'m a OC category student. how much mark should i want to get in entrance exam ?

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