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    Type of questions asked in FTII entrance test for Acting course?

    I want to know about the type of questions asked in ftii entrance test for admission in acting course.

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    Re: Type of questions asked in FTII entrance test for Acting course?

    FTII means Film and Television Institute of India.

    It is an entrance exam for entering into Acting courses.

    Eligibility: Candidates who have passed their degree course can sit for this exam but the degree should be from subjects such as fine arts, applied arts, interior design, painting, Architecture, and Sculpture.

    And also candidates should have passed Physics as one of their optional subject in 12th.

    Questions asked in this exam generally consists of:

    History of Indian cinema,music,literature and art, basics of photography and cinematography, Knowledge on recent events and developments in literature and cinema.

    some questions include writing the sound track for a particular situation,,writing a story from a picture ,drawing a different view for a given picture etc.

    So,you have to be thorough with the literature and culture of our country and also a lots of knowledge about Indian Cinema.

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