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    Is it true that BCA is tough to pursue from IGNOU?

    i'm a student of 12 class .i want to do BCA from ignou . many people said that ignou is very tough u can't pass bca in 3 year they gave many back paper .it is true or not plz suggest me.

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    Raj@08 Array
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    May 2012

    Re: Is it true that BCA is tough to pursue from IGNOU?

    If you work hard then nobody is their to beat you, hardwork always pays, if Nobody is able to clear BCA from IGNOU then the institute should close as per you...
    Study regularly, and if people want degree without studying then there would be no institute for them...

    May you get success, Have confidence on yourself and your abilities.
    All the best,

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    devendr Array
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    Feb 2013

    Re: Is it true that BCA is tough to pursue from IGNOU?

    Hello friends.........

    1. I want to tell you one thing is that You can do everything from everywhere.
    2. If you do work hard then you get the success in every condition.
    3. I give the suggestion yo you is that you shoukd do work hard then you must do the BCA from IGNOU.
    4. Their is nothing which is impossible so you must do workhard.

    I hope your problem is solved.

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    sanju0770 Array
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    Oct 2012

    Re: Is it true that BCA is tough to pursue from IGNOU?


    I know many people say that BCA is tough to do if done from IGNOU. The reason behind this is that BCA is totally a technical course and if you enroll yourself to the course then you must master yourself in languages as well as other course such as DOT NET, JAVA, SQL, PHP etc and this course can only be done if completed from some good institute and that is why they say that it is hard to do BCA from IGNOU because in case of IGNOU there will be no body to teach you these languages as you have to prepare at home only and that is why it is hard to do BCA from home.

    You can join some coaching institute to get good marks in BCA degree from IGNOU

    Hope it will help


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    Shashank_gupta Array
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    Jan 2013

    Re: Is it true that BCA is tough to pursue from IGNOU?

    Hello my dear friend,
    It is sometimes true in the case of IGNOU. Because no one knows the paper patters which will come to you and the standard of checking the exam copies.
    But i also know many students from IGNOU who have clear the papers on time and in 1st attempt.
    IGNOU needs full dedication and lots of Luck.

    Best of Luck


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    randhirk.rk Array
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    Jul 2012

    Re: Is it true that BCA is tough to pursue from IGNOU?

    Whenever you are doing any course, its depends upon you if you would be able to clear it or not.
    You should not listen to others.
    If you are able to understand the studymaterials and notes given by IGNOU, than you can easily pass this exams.

    Minimum Eligibilty to do BCA from IGNOU is:
    12th pass

    Fees is Rs 4600 per semester (there are six semesters)

    Minimum time to complete this course is 3 years
    Maximum time to complete this course is 6 years
    Topics/Subjects that you would be studying in the first two semesters of the BCA programme of IGNOU is:
    Foundation course in English

    Business Organization

    Computer Basics and PC Software


    Computer Basics and PC Software Lab


    Problem Solving and Programming

    Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming

    Communication Skills

    Discrete Mathematics

    C Language Programming Lab

    Assembly Language Programming Lab

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