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    Tips for preparation of upcoming GATE exam?

    Hi all,I am a 2010 passout in Electronics Branch, currently working in a private IT company. Due to working schedule, I have not been able to give time for GATE & PSU preparations. Please suggest me some quick tips for the upcoming GATE Please reply.

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    Re: Tips for preparation of upcoming GATE exam?

    In which month of a year GATE exams notifications going to be announced?

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    grotesque Array
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    Re: Tips for preparation of upcoming GATE exam?

    Dear sir/madam,

    - Here are some tips for preparation of GATE:

    - GATE is an exam that tests your Fundamentals. the questions are generally derivations of fundamentals.First you get your fundamentals right then, test yourself on that fundamentals.

    - There are some tips to prepare for GATE exam are :

    1.One has to be excellent in technical knowledge..

    2.Study your technical subjects properly..

    3.Clear all your doubts in technical papers..

    4.Solve sample questions as much as possible..To gain some idea about the question pattern.

    5.Beside this you have to be good in aptitude test.

    6.Solve aptitude questions as much as possible to solve those quickly.

    7.You can prefer some reference books to get a vast technical knowledge.

    8.Work hard, be determine, try to crack the exam at the very first attempt.

    I hope my this information will help you to reduce your tension and encourage you.

    All the best

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    Re: Tips for preparation of upcoming GATE exam?

    Actually , the GATE EXAM will be conducted in the month of february in every year

    As you are from ECE stream in b.tech , so , to get a good rank in GATE EXAM ,

    ~~ you should be well prepared in all the following subjects

    ~ PTSP

    ~~ you should be well prepared in all the previous papers

    ~~ you should be well prepared in all the model papers you have

    ~~ Try to spend a minimum of 2 hours per day

    ~~ you can also go for coaching for 1 or 2 hours daily

    ~~ in coaching , they will aslo teach , what type of questions should answer first

    ~~ they will also tell short cut methods to some particualr problems

    With a good rank , you will go for M.TECH or you can APPLY FOR A JOB IN core companies like ,

    ~ BHEL
    ~ BSNL
    ~ IOCL
    ~ ONGC
    ~ SAIL
    ~ GAIL
    ~ MTNL
    ~ NTPC , etc. .

    All the best

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    S.Venkateshwarulu Array
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    Re: Tips for preparation of upcoming GATE exam?

    Hi Buddy,

    First of all let me tell you that GATE 2012 is completed. You need to be concentrating about GATE 2013 for which you have more than 10 months of time period. Before you start preparation i would like to tell you about the sections in GATE which are

    1. Aptitude
    2. Maths
    3. Theory

    --> For Aptitude you must follow R.S Agarwal books Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Assertion and Reasoning for preparation.
    --> For maths you must go through S.Chand publications books of maths i.e Mathematics - I and Mathematical Methods to solve complete part of mathematics.
    --> For theory you must prepare various books i.e since you have mentioned you belong to Electronics branch you must get standard text books of subjects related to electronics branch or you can buy a book that covers all the objective bits which will be more sufficient.
    --> The important thing for you to clear any exam is to be perfect with your Basics, as they provide maximum grip in helping out, so make sure you concentrate on Basics.

    Now coming to the other things such as time management you are a working employee hence it would be a bit difficult for you to manage both at the same time.

    --> First thing would be how can you allot time for preparing GATE every day if possible.
    --> If you feel that your are too busy then make sure that you allot complete time for GATE on your week ends which would be added advantage for your preparation.
    --> Here for you time is never a factor as i have already mentioned that you have more than 10 months of time.

    The notification will be released in the month of September and you must apply before the end of October precisely, with the examination will be commencing on the second Sunday of February.

    If you could follow this procedure then i'm sure you'll easily crack GATE, but use the time period properly to good effect to your preparation and succeed in your goal.
    All the best.
    @ S.Venkateshwarulu

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    harshit agrawal Array
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    Re: Tips for preparation of upcoming GATE exam?

    The GRE is an important part of your application to graduate school. Here
    is a bit of advice on how to prepare more efficiently
    1. Practice Original Test papers
    2. Practice timed CATs
    3. Revise your vocabulary for 2 hours a day
    4. Revise the strategies on one section every day for one hour.
    5. Practice timed reading
    Wish you good luck..............

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    ashwak Array
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    Re: Tips for preparation of upcoming GATE exam?

    * As your stream in B.tech is ECE , so , it is better to prepare all your core subjects atleast 2 hours per day at HOME

    Actually , in gate exam , most of the quesitons will be asked from your Core subjects only

    so, core subjects are very important
    for this , you no need to go for coaching .
    All you have to do is , put more concentration in your preparation

    some important core subjects for you are Given below
    you should get a good command in all these subjects

    * Electronic devices and circuits
    * Electrical circuit analysis
    * Pulse digital circuits
    * Digital signal procesisng
    * Digital communications
    * Optical fibre communications
    * Control syatems

    ** Be well prepared in all the previos quesitons papers
    ** Be well prepared in all the model papers you have

    all the best . .

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    Re: Tips for preparation of upcoming GATE exam?

    Hai friends

    gate stands for the graduate aptitude test in engineering

    prepare your core branch subjects as much as you can

    daily prepare 3-4 hours

    and put your effects and concrete on your studies ,then you can get the good percentage

    their are some important subjects in the electronics branch

    control systems

    electronic devices and circuits

    electrical circuits analysis

    signals and systems

    pulse digital circuits

    digital signal processing

    optical fibre communications

    digital communications

    not only the subjects you also want to prepare the




    hope this information helps you

    good luck

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    Re: Tips for preparation of upcoming GATE exam?

    Time constraint is a big problem for people who are working and still preparing for the entrance eaxms.
    But still people work also and prepare for exams.

    FOR GATE exams you need to study daily if possible 2-3 hours and on your weekly offs and holidays 5-6 hours
    You should solve previous years questions papers as this will give you a good idea about the type of questions asked and pattern of exams.

    Plus buy books or guide of arihant publications for GATE in electronics branch.
    Plus study your own subject books as you hasd studies in engineering

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    Re: Tips for preparation of upcoming GATE exam?

    Hello friend,
    Now its easy to prepare for gate exam with so much study materials available for self student.you can choose any of them.
    The most popular study material is

    here you can get all chapter wise syllabus of GATE and also some model questions.
    you get a one time installed CD from where can give mock test in your computer with specific time

    Also another book of GK PUBLICATION of GATE solved question paper from where you can get lat 10 years solved question paper of GATE in ELECTRONICS.300x300_9788131514504.jpggate-electronics-and-communication-engineering-solved-papers-2011-2000-700x700-imad99pgy5kz7hxk.jpg9788183550208.jpg
    Best of luck

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    Re: Tips for preparation of upcoming GATE exam?

    hai friend

    GATE exam is for geeting a seat for doing M.Tech in HIghly reputated colleges

    This exam is conducted once in an year

    The important subjects for electronics branch are

    Pulse digital circuits

    optical fibre communications

    digital communications

    signals and systems

    electrical circuit analysis


    CO--computer organisation


    To prepare for the gate exam do following

    -->Read 3-4 hours a day

    -->u must have a great knowledge in your core subjects

    --> u must learn general aptitude questions

    --> Analyze the previous years question papers of gate

    -->workout Sample papers which will give a knowledge about the gate exam

    Time never come backs

    Hope the information is useful to u

    all the best..

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    Re: Tips for preparation of upcoming GATE exam?


    Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering(GATE) is an all India examination conducted fro admission of M.Tech course in IIT Level colleges.

    You should do lot of hardwork and you must be really strong in basics.

    Insists on understanding the things and avoid mugging up every thing.

    Practice as many problems as possible.

    Start Gate preparation as early once you have decided to crack GATE exam.

    As the Gate portion is based on the subjects of the engineering course, if you have good knowledge about all the subjects you can easily attend the exam.

    You need to attend the mock tests and practice accordingly to manage the time.

    Analyze Exam Pattern of GATE :

    GATE Exam.png

    So if you want to apply to GATE Exam you must follow following eligibility criteria :

    - You must have comleted your B.E OR B.tech from recongnized university.

    - There is no any limit on attempt of GATE Exam.

    - There is no age limit to GATE Exam.

    Some Other Important books :

    - Upkar's current general knowledge,2013 edition

    - Compition Prasar publication general knowledge 2013

    - Multiple choice questions - Timothy. J. Williams, TMH publications

    - Gate Question Papers - G.K.Publishers

    - Bharti publication GATE probables

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