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    Tips to crack medical entrance exam?

    i have 45 days left for medical entrance exam. please give me some tips to crack the entrance

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    Re: Tips to crack medical entrance exam?

    Since you have only 45 days left to give the entrance exams.
    So its better that you start solving previous years questions papers of Physics, chemistry and biology

    Also solve the MCQ of Physics, chemistry and Biology

    Now dont waste time on going through the basics as this should have been done by you at the start of your exam preparation

    dont feel tense, try to solve as many questions as you can in these 45 days
    study for 8-10 hours daily and also take adequate rest each day so that you are fresh enough to study the next day

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    Re: Tips to crack medical entrance exam?

    Dear My Friend i have little bit knowledge about your Biology.Because of i electronics engineer.Anyway i will help you up to my label best.
    Medical exams commonly based on your Chemistry,Physics and Biology.
    To crack your medical based exam then you have to thoroughly study all things.
    Basically your question patterns are multiple choice questions.
    Don't fear about it....you just study anything whatever taught in your daily class.

    If you can't do it then you can drop one year for preparing medical coaching.By dropping one year you can improve your knowledge.
    solve questions as much as possible by help of solutions everyday.
    I hope my detection may be help you.
    All the best....

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    Re: Tips to crack medical entrance exam?

    Hai friends

    the medical entrance exam is very difficult ,when compare to other exams

    you have a very less time to prepare the medical entrance exams

    for every medical exam you want to prepare the the basics of your

    11,12 standard subjects like

    physics,chemistry ,biology

    want to have some knowledge in the mathematics,because in the physics their give you the sums ,so that concrete on physics problems

    don't fear about the exam,start the preparation and prepare for the exam up to 6 hours per day

    so that you can get the admission in the medical college's

    don't waste time ,other necessary thing ,just concrete on your exam

    you can reach your goal

    you also want the general knowledge

    the exam is for 200 marks




    general knowledge-20

    hope this information helps you

    good luck

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    Re: Tips to crack medical entrance exam?

    Dear Aspirant,
    Medical entrance exam is very hard to crack. You need to prepare for the exam from the starting of the 12th class.

    The subjects for the exam are:


    You need to have the basis knowledge of 11th and 12th standard biology, chemistry and physics.

    The questions are basically MCQs type.

    Since you have very less time left for your entrance exam so you start solving the last year questions papers.

    Try to solve the model question papers maintaining the time limit.


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    Re: Tips to crack medical entrance exam?

    how to study biology in easy way

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    Re: Tips to crack medical entrance exam?

    How to prepare biology for medical in graphical way?

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    Re: Tips to crack medical entrance exam?

    HI DUDE,

    To crack any entrance exams you have to be really good in your basic theritical knowledge and as biology is the base of medical entrance so you have to gather a huge knowledge in that. So, buy a standard book for the exam and go through its all pages and then see the previous year question papers and try to solve them. It will give you a huge confidence.

    For your preparation you can consult following books :-

    Physics :-

    Physics by H.C. Verma
    Circuits devices and systems by R.J. Smith
    Problems in Physics by I.E. Irodov
    Resnick and Halliday.

    Chemistry :-

    Morrison Boyd
    Reaction mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Parmar Chawla.
    Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee.

    Biology :-

    Chapter Wise Solutions of BHU Pre-Medical Screening Examination.
    Truemans Objective Biology for Medical Entrance Examination by JP Goyal, MP Tyagi.
    So, be prepare and do well in entrance. Good luck.


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    Re: Tips to crack medical entrance exam?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    i have 45 days left for medical entrance exam. please give me some tips to crack the entrance

    Dear Aspirant...

    You can doing 10 hour study per day and you can solve previous years questions papers.

    You can get a good marks after crack examination and you must be doing self study is a

    good for you .Medical entrance exam is a tough level exam and you can doing best preparation

    than than you crack medical exam because its a India's toughest exam you can doing well

    study and you must be practice previous 10 years questions and you can study NCERT book

    all syllabus is a best for you.You can take break every one hour is a good for you.You can

    practice question paper latest and you do not read new topics and you can prepare all

    reading topics.


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    Re: Tips to crack medical entrance exam?

    Hello Dear Friend ...

    The paper pattern consists of the following ones ...

    They are ::

    @ BOTANY




    >> Preliminary exam consists of 200 questions and 3 Hrs. Time duration ask regarding




    >> Set your dream

    >> Then analyze it plan yourself

    >> Test and Motify yourself

    >> Solve the Previous model papers as many as you can

    >> Revise them and Don't start the New ones at the time of examination


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