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    Time required to finish Diploma and B.Tech in Electrical Engineering after 10th?

    How much time it will take to finish diploma and b.tech in electrical engineering after completing class 10

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    Re: Time required to finish Diploma and B.Tech in Electrical Engineering after 10th?


    see ,after 10th as you wish to do diploma, then it will take you 3 years to complete the course.

    then you can get admission directly into the second year of engineering.

    so it will take you another 3 years to complete B.Tech .

    in all , it will take you a minimum of 6 years to complete Diploma and B.Tech.

    You can get admission in the following colleges that provide electrical engineering stream-
    1>K.J somaiya college of engineering
    2>G.H raisoni college of engineering
    3>Ramdeo baba college of engineering
    5>College of engineering Pune
    6>government college of engineering-Chandrapur
    7>Nirma Institute of technology

    Other option for you is to take admission in 11th and then on reaching 12th , you can appear for the engineering entrance exam.
    After which you will get admission in first year of B.tech.
    The time needed to complete B.Tech through this way also is the same i.e 6 years(2 years for 11th and 12th and then 4 years for engineering).

    good luck

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    Re: Time required to finish Diploma and B.Tech in Electrical Engineering after 10th?


    Diploma course is a 3 year course and eligibility is that you must have passed 10th class
    with atleast 50%.
    BTech is a 4 year course, but if you have done diploma and then go for BTech, then
    you get admission directly in 2nd year and you just need to complete 3 more years in BTech.

    So total you need to devote 6 years for completing Diploma as well as BTech.

    Secon way is that you join +2 which is of 2 years and then get admission in BTech. In this case
    you will have to put in 4 years of effort in BTech, so through this way also, you'll have
    to devote 6 years
    Good thing about diploma is that you can have better job opportunities after diploma in case
    you need to get job after diploma, but after +2 job opportunities are not so good and salary
    is also less.
    Good thing about +2 is that you'll have various other opportunites which means, its not necessary
    that you take admission in Btech only, it may be possible that after +2 you are planning to
    do MBA or planning for jobs in Banking sector or Civil Services. For such career options you can do
    any graduation of 3 years and try for these jobs or courses.

    So overall based on your career plan you can chose diploma or +2.

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