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    Is there any prerequisites to be fulfilled for Robotics Program through GRE?

    hai i am currently pursuing my b.tech 3rd year in mining engineering from IIT kharagpur. i am very interested in robotics and i want to pursue masters programin robotics through GRE. So is there any prerequisites which are necessary for me to fulfill the requirements for the Robotics program?

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    Re: Is there any prerequisites to be fulfilled for Robotics Program through GRE?

    Ok ..since u r an IIT student ,I don’t think I need to mention the prerequisites for preparation ,however I wud tell u some very important stuff that most of the people lack in knowledge regarding the GRE …
    Some of the universities in mathematics and science programs may only consider ur quantitative ability score in GRE …don’t take the POWER PREP(preparation software provided by ETS) lightly ,it can help u a lot in checking ur potential n ur level for GRE …try to get some previous editions of "BIG BOOK "(publication is banned now ) which ETS used to publish containing a number of actual GRE questions...

    Since December 2009, question types such as antonyms and analogies have been eliminated from GRE and the addition of an online calculator is made….

    See since u r in mining engineering ,n u wanna apply for robotics ,that means u want to change ur field ….this wont be as easy as ur thinking it to be ….You will have to check this with the university you wish to apply to. You can write a mail to the university asking them if you can apply for MS in Robotics. You may be required to take certain courses if you wish to change your field.
    Right in the below am giving u the list of institutes in robotics ,U.S. which will give u admission if u score about 1300 in the GRE ….Just go on for checking their websites n search out their credentials for admission ……..
    Arizona State University
    Colorado State University
    Iowa State University
    Michigan State University
    Michigan Technological University
    Northeastern University
    Polytechnic Institute of New York University
    Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey--New Brunswick
    University at Buffalo--SUNY
    University of Illinois--Chicago
    University of Kansas
    University of Missouri
    University of South Carolina
    University of Texas--Arlington
    University of Texas--Dallas (Jonsson)

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