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    Is there any matter in medical test if I have only Diploma?

    I have lipoma only on my hands will this matter for medical clearence....medical test (navy) for ssc

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    Re: Is there any matter in medical test if I have only Diploma?

    Hai Friend..,

    -->>> Yes.,If you have Diploma too.,You must attend for the Medical Tests to join in Indian navy..,

    >> And you must Clear the Medical Tests.,Then You can join in Indian Navy..,And You must give the NDA exam..,

    >> The Following are Physical Eligibility for the Indian Navy through the Medical Tests :--

    -- To apply for these examination you must be in good physical and mental health and free from any disease.

    -- The minimum acceptable height is 157.5 cms.

    Physical Requirements :

    -- You are advised to keep themselves in good physical condition, by following the undermentioned routine :

    -- Running 2.4 km in 15 minutes

    -- Skipping

    -- Pushups and sit ups (minimum 20 each)

    -- Chin ups (minimum 08)

    -- Rope climbing - 3-4 metres.

    >> Vision standard for Naval candidates :

    -- Uncorrected without glass : 6/9

    -- Corrected with glass : 6/6

    -- Limits of Myopia : -0.75

    -- Limits of Hypermetropia : +1.5

    >> So, If you have Fulfill the Given Eligiblity Criteria, then you are eligible to apply for Indian navy Recruitment Examination.

    >> If you need more Information then please check official UPSC Website :


    ...........GOOD LUCK............

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