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    Is there any entrance exam for admission in ICSI course?

    do we have to give an entrance exam before getting admission for icsi course?

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    Re: Is there any entrance exam for admission in ICSI course?

    HI friend,
    - No, there is no any entrance test to join the course of company secretary.If you want to start a course of Company Secretary, then you have to apply for the CS foundation examination after 12th in any stream and if you want to the join after graduation then you can directly apply for the inter examination which is basically the second stage of this course.When you apply for the registration then they mention that your registration will be valid for 5 years and after that you have to apply for the de-nova registration. The stages and the subjects of CS are:
    Foundation Level-
    1. English
    2. law
    3. Management.
    4. maths
    Inter Level
    1. General and commercial law
    2. Cost accounting
    3. Tax
    4. Company law
    5. Economic and labour law
    6. Security law

    Final level
    1. Secretarial practice
    2. Drafting ,pledging
    3. Financial and forex management
    4. Merger and restructuring.
    5. Information technology
    6. Advance taxation
    7. business ethics
    8. Corporate governance.
    - After passing foundation there will be 9 months gap are their between next level. Between this gap you have to do one computer course and one SIP program and there will be 15 months of training under practicing CS after passing your inter exams.

    All the best

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    Re: Is there any entrance exam for admission in ICSI course?

    ICSI conducts the CS course.
    There is no entrance exams conducted for admissions to this course

    This course is conducted in three stages: Foundation

    If you have passed class 12th, you can take admission in the Foundation stage.

    Graduates can take admission in the Executive Stage
    Fees for the Executive stage is Rs 7750

    There are 7 papers that you have to give in the ICSI executive level Module 1
    >> Economic and Commercial Laws
    >> Cost and Management accounting
    >> Tax Laws and Practice
    >> Company Laws

    Module 2>> Company Accounts and Auditing Practices
    >> Industrial, General and Labour Laws
    >> Capital Markets and Securities Law

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    Re: Is there any entrance exam for admission in ICSI course?

    Hello friends……………

    In this course no entrence exam is here

    ICSI is condected the CS exams

    In this course fundation level exam is the entrens exam of this course

    In this CS course three stages are there:

    Foundation Course

    Executive Course

    Professional course.

    For this course After passing class 12th, you can enrol for the Foundation course

    This can be completed in 8 months fees is Rs 3600

    Executive Course:

    For this course you can qualifing the foundation course or Graduation pass.

    For this course contain 9 months time and

    Fees is Rs 7000/- for Rs 7750

    Professional Course:

    This course contain 9 months of time

    For this course ICSI charge 7000

    All the best

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    Re: Is there any entrance exam for admission in ICSI course?

    are there any limited attempts to clear the executive part of company secretary course

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