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    Syllabus and study materials of English Literature for SET entrance exam?

    I am from KARNATAKA. I want to appear for set exam in english literature. I need syllabus for this exam. Please guide me where i can get this and about study materials.if anybody has the files regarding set please send them to my email or attach them to this site. Thank you...

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    Re: Syllabus and study materials of English Literature for SET entrance exam?

    Syllabus for SET entrance exam

    Part 2
    1. Chaucer to Shakespeare
    2. Jacobean to Restoration Periods
    3. Augustan Age : 18th Century Literature
    4. Romantic Period
    5. Victorian Period
    6. Modern Period
    7. Contemporary Period
    8. American and other non-British literature
    9. Literary theory and Criticism
    10. Rhetoric and Prosody

    Paper 3(A)

    -> British Literature from Chaucer to present

    -> Criticism and Literary Theory

    Paper 3(B) Elective/Optional

    Elective 1 : History of English language, English language teaching

    Elective 2 : European Literature form Classical age to 20th century

    Elective 3 : Indian Writing in English and Indian Literature in English translation

    Elective 4 : American and other Non British Literature

    Elective 5 : Literary theory and Criticism


    English literature

    -Kaplan (C,F,G,H)

    -Princeton Review (A,C,G)

    U.S. History

    Spark notes review books

    Kaplan (A,B,C,D,E,F,G)

    Princeton Review (AP) (G)

    World History

    Princeton Review (A,C,G)

    Barron's (AP) (B,C)

    Mathematics Level 1

    Princeton Review (C,D,E)

    Mathematics Level 2

    Barron's (E,F+)

    McGraw Hill (A,H)

    Biology E

    Princeton Review (A,B,C,D)

    Barron's (C,D,E,F+)

    Biology M



    Barron's (B,E)

    Princeton Review (A,B,G)


    Barron's (A,B,C,D)

    Kaplan (B,C)


    Princeton Review (A,B,C,D,G)


    Barron's (A,C,D,H)

    Kaplan (B+,E,G)

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