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    Syllabus of Physics for SAT

    Siri want to know the physics syllabusfor sat exam......please tell me whatis the physics portion that coming in sat examthank you in advance

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    Re: Syllabus of Physics for SAT

    Hi Friend..

    The major topics of SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Physics are the following.

    * Mechanics (36% - 42%)
    * Electricity & Magnetism (18% - 24%)
    * Waves (15% - 19%)
    * Heat, Kinetic Theory & Thermodynamics (6% - 11%)
    * Modern Physics (6% - 11%)
    * Miscellaneous (4% - 9%)

    Here, I'm uploading two pdf files containing detailed information about SAT. You'll find them useful.

    Thank You..
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    Re: Syllabus of Physics for SAT

    Dear Friend,

    SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test.

    This test is conducted for admission into most of the colleges in USA.

    SAT Subject Tests are offered 6 times per year in the month of October, November, December, January, May and June.

    SAT physics syllabus consists of questions from

    1. Mechanics

    2. Electromagnetism / Current Electricity

    3. Wave Theory

    4. Modern Physics

    5. Heat

    The question level will be of 12th standard.

    Questions will be of objective type, easy level and there will be 75 questions to be answered in 60 minutes.

    All the best.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Syllabus of Physics for SAT

    JIPMER stands for Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research conduct medical exam for MBBS course.

    Duration: Duration of the course is 4 years and 6 months as per the academic calendar of JIPMER followed by 1 year of compulsory rotatory internship

    The applicant should be an Indian National.
    Those candidate passed 12th exam with biology subject with 50% marks eligible for this examination candidate age should be 17 years.
    Some relaxation for SC/ST/PWD candidate

    Online registration : 04th May, 2013
    Date of entrance examination: 02nd June, 2013, Sunday, 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

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    Re: Syllabus of Physics for SAT

    SAT : Scholastic Aptitude Tes
    :Scholastic Assessment Test

    >>Considered as the standardized admission test for getting admitted in the colleges in the United States of America.
    It is in other words could be described as an effective tool in measuring the readiness of a person, who is trying to get admitted in the colleges.
    So, most of the colleges in America admit their students via SAT test.

    Syllabus of phyiscs for SAT exam
    1.0 Genral Phyiscs
    2.0Newton's Law
    30.Electro magnetic feild
    4.0 Vectors
    5.0 Kinematics
    6.0 Dynamics
    7.0 Work, Energy, and Power
    8.0 Special Problems in Mechanics
    9.0 Linear Momentum
    10.0 Rotational Motion
    11.0 Circular Motion and Gravitation
    12.0 Thermal Physics
    13.0 Electric Forces, Fields, and Potential
    14.0 DC Circuits
    15.0 Magnetism
    16.0 Electromagnetic Induction
    17.0 Waves
    18.0 Optics
    19.0 Modern Physics
    20.0 Physics Glossary

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    Re: Syllabus of Physics for SAT

    The SAT exam is held in two levels
    It is conducted for mathematics and the other science subject separately (Biology+Physics+Chemistry)

    Detailed Syllabus of Physics SAT Examination ====>>>

    • Measurement and Relationship
    • Vectors and Forces
    • Motion and Forces
    • Work, Energy, Simple Machines
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Heat, Temperature, Thermal Expansion
    • Measurement of Heat
    • Heat and Work: Heat Transfer
    • Wave Motion and Sound
    • Geometrical Optics: Reflection and Refraction
    • Physical Optics: Interference and Diffraction
    • Static Electricity Electric Circuits
    • Magnetism: Meters, Motors, Generators
    • Elements and Electronics
    • Photons, Atoms, Nuclei
    • Special Relativity

    Elaborate Description of SAT Syllabus is available at : http://www.scribd.com/doc/19071686/SAT-Syllabus

    Know more about SAT Exam in details : http://sat.collegeboard.org/home (Official Website )
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    Re: Syllabus of Physics for SAT

    Hello friends,


    Looking for a way to showcase your achievements in physics .The physics subject test assesses your understanding of concepts from one year of intro
    introductory physics on the college preparatory level,as well as reasoning and problem solving skills derived from lab experience.if you're thinking about pursuing a math or sciencebased program of study such as science,technology,engineering or mathtaking the physics subject test is a great way to demonstrate your talents interest on your college application.








    The sat syllabus is centered on one significant fact that it has got a vision to connect the education standards and the higher education standards.

    THANK YOU...

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    Re: Syllabus of Physics for SAT

    • Hello friend

    • The syllabus of SAT exam Physics is
    • Vectors
    • Kinematics
    • Dynamics
    • Work, Energy, and Power
    • Special Problems in Mechanics
    • Linear Momentum
    • Rotational Motion
    • Circular Motion and Gravitation
    • Thermal Physics
    • Electric Forces, Fields, and Potential
    • DC Circuits
    • Magnetism
    • Electromagnetic Induction
    • Waves
    • Optics
    • Modern Physics
    • Physics Glossary

    • all the best
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    Re: Syllabus of Physics for SAT

    SAT stand for Scholastic Aptitude Test

    This is test for candidates who want to take admission in under graduate programs like B.E/B.TECH/BA/B.COM in USA.

    Eligibility Criteria :

    - You must have completed your 12th from a recognized university or Education Board.

    List of colleges which accept SAT Score :

    Columbia University
    Boston College
    Stanford University
    California Institute of Technology
    University of Pennsylvania
    Yale University
    Georgetown University
    Washington University in St Louis

    Duke University

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Harvard University
    Princeton University

    Detail Syllabus is attach with this post. You can download it by login into this forum. So download it and go through it.
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    Re: Syllabus of Physics for SAT

    Dear Friend,

    SAT Stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test.

    SAT Exam is Conduct for Getting Admission in Under Graduation Degree Course from USA Universities.

    SAT Exam Don't have any Defined Eligibility Criteria But Mainly:

    You must complete your 12th Class with Good percentage From Recognized State Board.
    Running 12th Students Can Also Apply for SAT Examination.
    There is no Age Limit for SAT Examination.

    SAT Score Accepted Universities::-

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Columbia University

    Harvard University

    University of California

    Boston College

    Stanford University

    California Institute of Technology

    Georgetown University

    Washington University

    Yale University

    Physics Syllabus::-

    Electromagnetic Induction

    Linear Momentum
    Modern Physics

    Work, Energy, and Power
    Special Problems in Mechanics
    Thermal Physics
    Circular Motion and Gravitation


    Electric Forces, Fields, and Potential
    DC Circuits
    Rotational Motion

    Good Luck...........

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