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    Study material of EEE for Engineering Services Exam?

    If I need engineering services study material (EEE).please provide me at jfsampaul@gmail.com I could not study my engineering services exam.

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    Re: Study material of EEE for Engineering Services Exam?

    HAi Friend..,

    -->>> The Study Material for the EEE Engineering Services are :--

    >> The EEE Electrical & Electronics Engineering is very good Course .,after Completing the EEE Engineering the Candidates have Good Scope in the Private and Public Sector Companies..,

    >> The Some of the Books for the EEE Engineering exam with Authors are Following :--

    -- Electrical Magnetic Filed :-- Prof : Harishanker & Ramchandran

    -- Digital Signal Processing :-- Prof: T.K Basu

    -- Electrical Machines - I :-- Prof: P Shasidara Rao

    -- Power System Analysis :-- Prof: Arindam Ghosh

    -- Control Engineering :-- Prof: M.Gopal

    -- Electrical Machines-II :-- Prof: P Shasidara Rao

    -- PSOC :-- Prof: D.Kastha and D.Prasad

    -- Power Electronic :-- Prof: Kishore Chateerjee

    -->> And for the More Books you can go through the following link :-- http://www.indianshout.com/electrica...rofessors/2180

    .........GOOD LUCK........

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    Re: Study material of EEE for Engineering Services Exam?

    List of books of Engineering Services exam
    Network: Van Valkenburg
    Integrated Circuits: K.R. Botkar
    Principle of Communication System: A. Bruu Carlson
    Electomagnetic Waves & Radiating System: Jardon & Balmain
    Strength of material:' Gere & Temoshenko
    Concrete Structure: Punamia & Jain

    best of luck

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    Re: Study material of EEE for Engineering Services Exam?

    My DEAR I think you are bit early to think that much about future.
    It's good to think about future but this seems to be too early
    because you have hardly studied 3 semesters of B.Tech.
    i.e. Only 3-4 papers of your core branch.
    For now you should concentrate on your academics in college
    and try to get some project work after 4th semesters.
    Engineering is not only about passing semesters and qualifying
    entrance exams.
    These days engineers are recruited for Manager posts directly
    because they posses such skills.
    I would recommend you to take part in college activities, project
    work and academics for now.
    Being an active person everywhere helps in getting good interpersonal
    skills, management skills and also presents you as more matured
    person and finally a good professional. This will help you getting good jobs too.
    I am not against your thinking about future.
    Till 5th semester live the life of engineering, do your normal studies
    and emerge as very active and professional person.
    This is not the right time to take tension of entrance exams.
    After 5th semester you can start preparation for GATE exams because till
    then more than half of your GATE syllabus would have been completed
    in your engineering.

    You requested for EE question papers.
    Last 4 years GATE question papers of your stream is attached with this message.
    Find them into the attachments.

    Attached Files

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    Re: Study material of EEE for Engineering Services Exam?

    Hello Sir,
    I would like to give suggestion of study materials Regarding EEE service Exam

    Basic Electrical Technology by prof. GD Roy
    Basic Electrical Technology by prof. L Umanand
    Electromagnetic Field by Prof Harishanker Ramachandran
    Electrical Machines by Prof. P Sasidhara Rao
    Power System by Prof. Arindam Ghosh
    Control Engineering by Prof. M. Gopal
    Electrical Machines by P. Sasidhara Rao
    Embedded system by prof. A Routray
    Power System Generation, Transmission and Distribution by Prof. DP Kothari

    This material is very useful

    good luck

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    Re: Study material of EEE for Engineering Services Exam?

    I have taken admission for B.Tech-Electrical and Electronic Engineering -2012 and presently 1st year student. Now I require best writers books for 1st & 2nd semistar which will give knowledge as well as to get more marks for exam.

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    Re: Study material of EEE for Engineering Services Exam?

    Dear friend,

    Some of the best books for Electrical and Electronics Engineering are:

    Basic Electrical And Electronics Engineering (Paperback)
    Author: V. Jegathesan K. Vinoth Kumar R. Saravanakumar
    Publisher: Wiley India Pvt Ltd (2011)
    Price: Rs. 360

    Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1st Edition (Paperback)
    Author: Ravish R Singh
    Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education (2009)
    Price: Rs. 525

    Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1st Edition (Paperback)
    Author: M. S. Sukhija, T.K. Nagsarkar
    Publisher: Oxford University Press (2012)
    Price: Rs. 356

    Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2nd Edition (Paperback)
    Author: Smarajit Ghosh
    Publisher: PHI Learning (2010)
    Price: Rs. 428

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