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    Which specialization should I choose in M.S. program while studying final year of B.Tech(ECE)?

    i am in my final yr btech in ece branch.i am to appear my GRE and TOEFL in this year.i have an aggregate of 65% till 3-2, and i m sure i could make it up to 68% by the end of my final yr.i am confident that i ll get 300 easily in GRE, and in toefl i ll manage to get upto 100.i am confused in deciding which ms course to opt for ms. i m not at all gud in computer language programming, i was meagerly able to pass in C. i am an average student in the core subjects of electronics and communications too.thus, sir plz help me decide which is the best courses available in either computers, electronics or communications which is suitable for me?i am fine with courses in computer sciences too bt related to hardware kind af stuff or something which has not much of language programming to do with.

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