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    Should go for job in Infosys and later on correspondence MBA or opt for MCA?

    Hi guys...i am new to this forum...and reached here because of a big confusion regarding my career...I have completed my BCA from panjab university this year..and i have an offer letter from infosys technologies for a post of operations executive..moreover, i scored a nice position in Indraprastha university's cet for mca... rank 11 ...now,i am not able to decide what to do..my age is 20 years...should i go for infosys and do corres. mba later...or shuld i go for mca...plz help me out guyz...

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    Re: Should go for job in Infosys and later on correspondence MBA or opt for MCA?

    If you want to make your career in IT then dont think for money and Job, take some higher degrees in it like MCA and update your skills of IT.. MBA you can do any time after gaining experience of 2-3 years i.e. Executive MBA..
    Considering your age you should study further, there will be enough job opportunities after MCA and the company which you will join after MCA may sponsor you to do MBA from good domestic or foreign universities...

    All the Best

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    Re: Should go for job in Infosys and later on correspondence MBA or opt for MCA?

    Hi Buddy,

    First of all congratulations for having an offer from Infosys, i guess you are unable to understand your situation i personally feel it's just based on your interest. Let me explain you your problem in detail.

    --> You have an offer in hand and if you accept it now then your future would be starting as an Operations executive.
    --> After attaining a few years of experience if you could complete your MBA in correspondence then using that you can get promoted to a better post of you can also opt for another organization.
    --> By choosing this your career will be having a perfect start and your future will be successful.

    On the other you have also secured RANK 11 in Indraprastha University for admission into MCA.

    --> Here is where the area of interest in you will be decided if you want to complete MCA then you have to leave out your Job and join in for MCA.
    --> After completion of MCA you'll be getting opportunities from IT industries as Project trainees in their organizations along with B.Tech students.
    --> Your salary packages will be starting from 25k onwards.
    --> After completing MCA and joining in Job also if you wish you can still go for MBA.

    Your problem is simple and clear if you want to go in the side of operations and marketing go for Job and then MBA, if not go for MCA choose IT field.
    All the best.

    @ S.Venkateshwarulu

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    Re: Should go for job in Infosys and later on correspondence MBA or opt for MCA?

    If you really want to go on for your further studies, then please don't get confused choosing between your studies and offer letter. You can get better offers after your higher studies too and that to with a better package than the one you would have got now.Once you join the IT world it becomes difficult if you really want to go back and continue with your regular studies.Part time/correspondence courses can be done along side with your job too.

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