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    Scope of M.Pharma in Industry or any other fields?

    What is the scope of M.pharma in industry or in other fields.

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    pradeep.phm Array
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    Re: Scope of M.Pharma in Industry or any other fields?

    Hi friend,

    M.Pharmacy has got a lots of scope in the upcoming years, there are different specializations in M.Pharmacy like:

    1. Pharmaceutics

    2. Pharmacology

    3. Pharmaceutical Analysis

    4. Pharmaceutical/ Medicinal chemistry

    5. Quality assurance

    6. Regulatory affairs

    7. Pharmacognosy

    8. Pharmacy practice

    9. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

    10. Pharmaceutical Management


    Pharmaceutics students have a lot of scope in industry with relation to formulation and production sectors and in relation to this pharmaceutics people have a very wide scope , they can enter into any part of work like regulatory affairs etc.

    Pharmacology is nowadays boosting in India, this has wide range of opportunities in research and development, pharmacovigilance, clinical research, pre-clinical industry etc. nowadays many courses are also there like SAS (Statistical analysis system) which has also scope in future.

    Analysis people has scope in Analytical Research and development, Quality control, Quality assurance etc.

    Medicinal chemistry is mainly related to synthesis and compounding of new molecules or drugs and also has scope in industries.

    Regulatory affairs is a white collar job and is fully system based work interpretation of all the data obtained and storing.

    Also M.Pharmacy students can also opt for Government exams like Drug inspector, pharmacist, and government analyst

    In this way pharma industry is booming in India and is the fastest growing sector.

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    Re: Scope of M.Pharma in Industry or any other fields?

    Dear friend,The various job options in front of you in the field of pharmacy are:Community Pharmacy and Consultant PharmacistsHospitals and Other Institutional SettingsManaged Care PharmacyPractice Guidelines and Protocol DevelopmentDrug utilization review/drug use evaluationCare management programscontracting with local pharmaciescontracting with pharmaceutical manufacturersdeveloping and managing the plan's approved drug therapy optionsThe Pharmaceutical IndustryAcademic Pharmacythe Food and Drug AdministrationClinical research associateToxicologistPharmacologistHigher education lecturerScience writerResearch scientist (life sciences)Hospital pharmacistThe range of salary may vary from individual firms and institutes.

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