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    Scholarship for further studies in Social Work at Germany and Australia? Courses and educational system in Germany and Australia?

    hii am francis thekkeyil doing msw ii year in nagpur.i really want to know more about the scholarships which heip me to domy studies abroad like germany and australia in the field of socialwork.i am not much aware about the courses and educational systems inthese countries.however i have a friend she belongs to australia andshe invites me there for my further studies.i really want to go therefor do my studies but i do not know what should i do for this and whatare the requeirment for it.i am looking forward for your valuable suggections and helps in thisregard. i beliave you may help me to find good scholarships, collagesand the courses. i like to do course like human rights etc which arerelated to social work field.thanking in advancefrancis

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