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    Scholarship facilities, procedure and requirements for pursuing M.Phil in English from UK or US?

    i am currently doing my MA in english literature from delhi university. i am interested in pursuing my m.phil in the same from a good university either in UK or US. i want to know what are the scholarship facilities available and procedures and requirements to get through.liv

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    Re: Scholarship facilities, procedure and requirements for pursuing M.Phil in English from UK or US?

    Hello friend,
    Studying in USA and UK is the most sought after for international students because USA and UK have some of the World's Top Universities.USA has 3800 higher education institutes,42 of which are ranked in the top 100 universities in the World.Even UK has the topmost universities.

    To pursue M.Phil in English from UK or USA you have to appear for an International Level Entrance Test like GRE, TOEFL and IELTS.

    Mainly for M.Phil in English you need a good score that is more than 8-8.5 out of 10 then only you can get a good college or university according to your own choice.You have to work hard and prepare from now itself for the GRE, TOEFL, SAT, IELTS exams.

    The main difference that makes the Universities of UK and USA world class universities is that it provides all types of necessary requirements like scholarship faclities, good quality of education and good research and laboratory facilities to enhance the knowledge both theoretically and practically, etc.These universities provide more scope and nourish the brains of students in the perfect way.So they stand ahead.

    The basic application or admission requirements are:-
    1. A minimum of a Bachelor's degree in a science or technology discipline (e.g. Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Science, Engineering, and Information Technology), or Other Bachelor’s degree and some work or placement/internship experience.
    2. Evidence of English proficiency.The admissions committee will assess English proficiency based on the following criteria:-
    (a) Performance on English courses on submitted transcripts;
    (b) Oral Interview with the universities admissions committee; and
    (c) Statement of Research Interest. In addition, admitted students will be required to complete an English for Academic Writing course in the first semester of the program.

    For prospective students they must present an application to the admissions committee consisting of :-
    1. The completed application form,
    2. Official transcripts,
    3. Statement of Research Interest and
    4. 3 letters of recommendation(at least one of these letters must come from the applicant’s former lecturer).

    The admission procedure, scholarship facilities and other procedures are different and vary from university to university.There are some differences between the USA and UK Universities which make them unique from each other.

    So you have to visit the official websites of the specific universities of your choice in order to know more in details.

    Still i have provided some useful links of some universities of both UK and USA origin which contain all the detailed information regarding the process,requirements,facilities and scopes provided to international or overseas students.

    The links are:-


    I hope this must have helped you.

    I wish you a great luck ahead.

    With Regards,

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