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    Sample question papers and procedure of SLET(Mathematics)?

    please tell me what is the procedure for slet exam
    and send me some samle papers of mathmatics for slet............
    waiting for your response

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    satyaphani Array
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    Re: Sample question papers and procedure of SLET(Mathematics)?



    Test format:

    The test will be in the same formatas it was in required to do the questions are taken from a syllabus roughly corresponding to the though the questions are set more variouslythan A_level questions.

    The first question on the test is multiple choice and contains 10 parts each worth 4 marks. Marks are given soley for the correct answers though applicants are encouraged to show any working in the space provided questions2_7 are longer questions,each worth 15 marks and candidates will need to show their working candidates should each attempt 4 questions from 2-7 the selections depending on the degree for which they are applying.

    1. Mathematics

    2. Mathematics&statistics

    3. Mathmatics &philosophy applicants should attempt questions

    4. Mathematics & computer Science applicants should attempt questions

    5. Computer Science

    6. Computer Science&Philosophy applicants should attempt questions.

    The educational systems being approaches by all students mathematical understanding of a student in the fourth term of their to encouraged to further preparation or practice.


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