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    Procedure to get admission in MIT for Post graduation after B.Tech in Mechanical?

    my name is aman kumar. M dng b.tech frm mriu in mech. Branch. I want to know that iwant to study in mit. so what is procedure to get admin. At mit in post graduate degree.

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    Re: Procedure to get admission in MIT for Post graduation after B.Tech in Mechanical?

    Procedure to get admission in MIT for Post Graduation after B.Tech

    MIT school of Engineering provides new and advanced education to those candidates who can not give much more time in their education.The main of this institute to further enhanced your qualification through various jobs oriented Programmes.

    Applying For Admission

    General Admissions Information

    Applications to the Mechanical Engineering Graduate School are accepted from persons who have completed, or will have completed by the time they arrive, a Bachelor's degree for entrance into the Master’s program or a Master’s degree for entry into the PhD program. We do not admit directly to the PhD from the bachelor’s degree. Most incoming students will have a degree in mechanical engineering, ocean engineering, or some related branch of engineering. However, the department's admission criteria are not specific, and capable students with backgrounds in different branches of engineering or in science may gain entry.

    To qualify for a graduate degree, applicants are expected to have at least an undergraduate-level exposure to most of the core ME disciplines (applied mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, materials, control, design and manufacturing), and to be familiar with basic electric circuits and electromagnetic field theory. Those who are deemed deficient may be asked to make up courses in certain areas before they graduate. The makeup courses may be at the undergraduate level, in which case they are relatively elementary, but usually cannot be applied toward graduate credit, or at the graduate level, in which case they carry graduate credit.

    A completed application consists of:

    1. The completed application form
    2. Minimum of three letters of recommendation
    3. Uploaded official/unofficial copies of transcripts. We will require official transcripts upon admission.
    4. Self-report GRE results – general test only. Please ask ETS to send the official GRE scores to us. Inst. code 3514, Dept. code 1502.
    5. IELTS (preferred) or TOEFL for international students whose native language is not English. Minimum acceptable score for IELTS = 7.0; TOEFL = 90 IBT, 233 CBT, 577 PBT. Please ask British Council to send us the official IELTS score or ETS to send us the official TOEFL score (Inst. code 3514 and Dept. code 68).

    Graduate Degree Programs

    The department offers the following degrees:

    1. Master of Science (SM)
    2. Master of Engineering in the discipline of Manufacturing Only (MEng) – see website
    3. Naval Engineer’s Degree
    4. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Doctor of Science (ScD)

    Navendu Jha

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    Re: Procedure to get admission in MIT for Post graduation after B.Tech in Mechanical?

    Hello friend,

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private Research university which is located in Cambridge , Massachusetts , U.S.

    MIT has 5 schools and 1 college containing a total of 32 academic departments.

    At MIT , a regular Graduate student may hold an appointment as a research assistant ,Teaching assistant or Instructor.

    To be admitted as a regular Graduate student the applicant must have a bachelors degree or its equivalent from a recognized college or University.


    * The candidate must hold a Bachelor's or Masters Degree by the time he/she was registering for admission.

    * The departments admission criteria is not specific .

    * All the capable students with different branches in Engineering or in science are eligible.

    * The candidate should write some standardized tests before applying To MIT which are

    1. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) :

    -> Most of MIT's Departments require GRE general test and appropriate subject test .

    2. International English Language Testing System (IELTS):

    -> This examination measures ability to communicate in English across all four language skills which are listening , Reading , writing and Speaking.

    -> Many Departments require this test because English is language for Communication.

    3. Test for English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL):

    -> The candidates whose native language is not English must take this test .

    -> A minimum score of 577 is required for Visa certification.


    * Master of engineering in Manufacturing only , M.Eng

    * Master of Science , S.M

    * Naval Engineer

    * Doctor of philosophy ,Ph.D

    * Doctor of science , Sc.D

    * Leaders for Global orientation program - SM from ME and MBA from SM


    -> The ME department accepts applications for September only and the Deadline for applying is December 15th of the Previous year.

    -> The following are the required documents necessary for applying ME in MIT

    1. The completed application form

    2. 3 letters of Recommendation

    3. uploaded official/unofficial transcripts which is needed while applying online

    4. The applicant must submit GRE general test score .

    5. The applicant must write IELTS which is preferred or TOEFL for international candidates whose native language is not English.

    6. The minimum acceptable score for IELTS is 7.0

    7. The minimum acceptable score for IELTS is 90 for IBT ,233 for CBT and 577 for PBT.

    -> You can register online at



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    Re: Procedure to get admission in MIT for Post graduation after B.Tech in Mechanical?

    If you are planning to do MS from MIT than it can be a tough task dear.

    It is the college ranked no1 in the world ranking of best colleges.

    If you want to get admission there than first you have to appear for GRE(Graduate record Exam) which is held throughout the year at various centres in India. The score you get in GRE is valid for 5 years .The cost for the exam is 185 us dollar .

    You need to get a very high score in GRE to apply for MIT

    Besides you also need a very high score in IELTS exam which is a language test .

    If you are chosen for MIT on the basis of your marks than there is a interview in which if you qualify than you can plan your study in MIT.

    Good Luck

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