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    Procedure of admission in M.Tech at Manipal Institute of Technology?

    what is the admission procedure for Mtech in engineering management in manipal institute of technology?

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    Re: Procedure of admission in M.Tech at Manipal Institute of Technology?

    Good to see that you are interested on the higher education. It is a very good as no the recent time higher education has a very good demand. Higher education not only help you to grow your knowledge as well as it will increase your job opportunity also. SO according to me it is a very good decision you have made.

    As here you asked that how you can join the Manipal Institute of Technology for the M.Tech so here i am trying to give you the details of it.

    First to take admission on the maniapal institute of technology you have to seat for the entrance exam taken by them . It is mainly all India basis entrance exam as per your rank you will called for the counseling process to take admission on the college.

    Qualification required:

    Qualification to take this exam is you must have at least 50% marks on the 10th 12th and graduation. you must have no active backlog the time of the entrance exam.

    Course they Offers:

    1.Astronomy & Space Engineering
    2.Biomedical Engineering
    3.Chemical Engineering
    4.Computer Science & Information Security
    5.Control Systems
    6.Computer Aided Mechanical Design & AnalysiS
    7.Digital Electronics and Advanced Communications
    8.Construction Engineering & Management
    9.Computer Science & Engineering
    10.Power Electronic Systems & Control
    11.Bio Chemical
    12.Nuclear Engineering
    13.Industrial and Pollution Control Engineering
    14.Energy Management, Auditing & Lighting

    For application:

    You have to on line basis on this site http://www.manipal.edu/ADMISSIONS/IN...owtoApply.aspx

    For more information you can go to this site given bellow


    All the best

    Hope this will satisfy you

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    Re: Procedure of admission in M.Tech at Manipal Institute of Technology?

    M.Tech course

    MTech in Astronomy & Space Engineering
    MTech in Biomedical Engineering
    MTech in Biochemical Engineering
    MTech in Chemical Engineering
    MTech in Computer Aided Mechanical Design & Analysis
    MTech in Computer Science Engineering
    MTech in Computer Science & Information Security
    MTech in Construction Engineering & Management
    MTech in Control Systems
    MTech in Digital Electronics & Advanced Communication
    MTech in Energy Management, Auditing & Lighting
    MTech in Engineering Management
    MTech in Environmental Engineering
    MTech in Industrial Biotechnology
    MTech in Industrial Pollution & Control
    MTech in Manufacturing Engineering & Technology
    MTech in Microelectronics
    MTech in Network Engineering

    Last Date : 10/5/2013

    Application Fee : Rs. 600/-

    No. Institute/University Fee Last Date

    1. IIIT-H 1200/- 1200/- 22/3/2013
    2. IIIT-B 1000/- 1000/- 31/3/2013
    3. KIIT Free Free 28/2/2013
    4. ManipalUniversity 600/- 600/- 10/5/2013
    5. SRMUniversity 900/- 900/- 15/3/2013
    6. University Of
    Hyderabad(UOH) 350/- 150/- 24/1/2013
    7. KarunyaUniversity 500/- 500/- 30/4/2013

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