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    Problem in getting OBC certificate in Jharkhand?

    1.I parent Originally belong to Jharkhand State, served defence 20yrs and last in pune from 1997 till 2007, and after retirement in 2007 settled in pune (Maharashtra).
    2. I owned property in pune since 2006.3. I stayed in defence quarter from 1997 to 2005.
    3. In may native palace i do not have any land record/ house or kinds of showing record as a proof.
    4. now I am in service (PSU) since 2008 reflecting permanent address as Pune(Maharshtra)
    5. At present my caste is figured in Central OBC list for Jharkhand state But not In Maharshtra State.

    My doubt is that for getting OBC certificate in Jharkhand will there be any problem.Please clarify me soon so that my daughter is eligible for getting benefit in JEEmain.

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