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    Previous year Placement Papers of top IT companies?

    I am preparing for my campus placements.if possible can i get previous year placement papers of the top IT companies.so that i can practise my level best to secure a good placement in any good company.so i kindly request you to forward the previous year placement papers as soon as possible.
    thanking you....

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    Re: Previous year Placement Papers of top IT companies?

    yes , it is a better to way prepare from placement papers for written exam

    here i am mentioning some good websites for you to download placement paers
    so, please visit these websites





    for example , if you take the website www.freshersworld.com , in that , you can alick on "placement papers"
    later , you select the required commpany name and then click on the company name
    so, now you can download all the required placement papers .

    all the best

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    Re: Previous year Placement Papers of top IT companies?

    IT ( information Technology ) is a booming industry in INDIA

    ~it is an sunrise industry with ample job prospects.most of the young professionals opt for IT jobs

    ~these companies give very good salary along with good incentives to the employees.so it is usually a quite lucrative job for the professionals

    ~these MNCs (MULTI NATIONAL COMPANIES ) have their operations all over the world

    ~so you will have the opportunity to go abroad and work in the international arena.it will be a big boost to your career prospects

    ~to get job in these companies you need to have a good preparation

    for your benefit am providing you links to the previous placement papers' of the TOP mncs in IT industry like :
    • WIPRO
    • TCS
    • HP
    • HCL

    here is the study material for you :

    placement papers of WIPRO: http://www.discussionsworld.com/forum_topics.asp?FID=36

    placement papers of HCL : http://www.careersvalley.com/solved-...rs/company/hcl

    placement papers of TCS: http://www.infinitecourses.com/Jobs/...nt-papers.aspx

    placement papers of COGNIZANT: http://www.careersvalley.com/solved-...rs/company/cts

    placement papers of HP : http://www.indiabix.com/placement-papers/hp/

    placement papers of Infosys
    : http://www.indiabix.com/placement-papers/infosys/

    practice aptitude very hard

    you must be able to solve maths quickly


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