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    Percentage of reservation for various categories in EMCET?

    reservation percentages for various categories according to eamcet counducted by jntu

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    Re: Percentage of reservation for various categories in EMCET?

    Hello friend,

    EAMCET stands for the Engineering Agriculture And Medical Common Entrance Test is conducted by the Jawahar Lal Nehru Technical University on Behalf of APSCHE.

    This examination is for admission to various professional courses offered in Govt / Private colleges in the state of Andhara pradesh.

    Physically handicapped (PH) :

    3% horizontal reservation in each category (OC/BC/SC/ST) for Visually Handicapped/Hearing Impaired/Orthopaedically Handicapped (each 1%).

    Children of Armed Personnel (CAP) :

    2% for the children of Armed Personnel i.e. Ex-Servicemen, Defence Personnel including the children of Border Security Force (BSF) and the Central Reserve Police (CRPF) residing in Andhra Pradesh for a minimum period of 5 years.

    National Cadet Corps (NCC) :

    1% for National Cadet Corps Candidates.

    Sports & Games (SP) :

    0.5% for Sports and Games candidates.

    The following percentage of seats in each course in each institute are reserved in Unaided Professional Non-Minority Institutions in Category A seats for the following categories

    • SC : 15%
    • ST : 6%
    • BC : 25% (Other Backward Class)
    For Women :

    Reservation of seats for women: There shall be reservation of 33% i.e 1/3rd of the seats in favor of women candidates in each course and in each category (OC/SC/ST/BC/CAP/NCC/SP/PH). This reservation shall not be applicable if women candidates are selected on merit in each category even if it exceeds 33%. If sufficient number of women candidates are not available in the respective categories, those seats shall be diverted to the men candidates of the same category.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Percentage of reservation for various categories in EMCET?


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    Re: Percentage of reservation for various categories in EMCET?

    Hi friend,

    As you mentioned here are the percentage ratios for various categories for EAMCET is:

    For physically handicapped the reservation will be 3-5%.

    For Non minority colleges the percentage allotment of seats will be for:








    BC-E- 4%

    And for sports Quota it will be 1-3%

    All the best

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    Re: Percentage of reservation for various categories in EMCET?

    Hello friend,

    The following information is based on last year's admission procedure.

    1) For Scheduled Tribes(ST): 6%
    2) For scheduled castes(SC): 15%
    3) For other Backward classes(BC): 25%
    4) For Physically Handicapped(PH): 3% in each mentioned above categories
    5) For NCC candidates : 1%
    6) For sports and games category : 0.5%

    Apart from these there are other categories such as for children of armed personnel border security force(B S F) ,Ex-service man will get 2% reservation.

    And for female candidates there will be reservation of 33% in each mentioned above categories.

    Good luck!

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