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    Percentage required in GRE for MS in US?

    me doing my b.tech year i should do ms in us i had 10%=51,inter=69%, b.tech=62% upto now
    so me interest in the gre so,i want the percentage what percentage in gre

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    Re: Percentage required in GRE for MS in US?

    Hello friends .......................

    GRE score is usefull to you to get good colleges.

    And at least 1500 will get you in good colleges.

    But GRE score is equally important though.

    GRE Score of 1300 would be good but 1400 is the best score.

    anything which lies between 1100 to 1300 needs a very good statement of Purpose along with required financail documents.

    GRE score below 1000 is waste so it will be better if you re attempt for the examination.

    The scope of doing MS in abroad in quite good as you will get offer from many good companies depending upon your stream.

    You do not have to worry for the jobs.

    All the best

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