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    Overall expense and Financial Assistance for pursuing MS in US?

    sir my name is Anbarshan, a 3rd year B.Tech ECE student resident of Maharashtra(India).By God's grace I am doing my B.Tech.I am saying like this because my financial condition is not well backed up.YetIi aspire to do MS in US. so I am expecting suggestions in that regard???? various financial assistances available while doing MS? overall expenses??? looking forward for your suggestions.....!

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    Re: Overall expense and Financial Assistance for pursuing MS in US?

    Well ur saying that ur financial condition is not good ,still u wanna go to US for further studies….i must say its gonna be very difficult for u …unless u get some scholarship u wont be able to afford it … one of the biggest reason for this is “Out of State Fees ” which is about 3 times in U.S. , means that u wud have to pay 3 times the expenses a resident of U.S. has to pay in order to get an MS degree …..get good at academic n try to get scholarships like graham bell’s scholarship ….till the mean time lets tell u about the expenditure estimate ….
    U see the the expenses can always be divided into two major categories ,the ones for sustenance n the other for tuition….
    In US u can expect to have expenditure upto $250 (rs. 12348.88) to $700(rs. 34576.85) per month by living life with basic necessities.Plus, cost of MS in US varies based on location and university.

    Try to go for public (state supported)institutes coz they ll demand less fee
    U can expect their fees to be in between
    $20,000(rs. 987910) and
    $10,000(rs. 493955)

    Decide wisely …..

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    Re: Overall expense and Financial Assistance for pursuing MS in US?

    hai friend

    pursuing MS in states is a good step for ur future

    it may cost little much heavy but after ur MS u can earn more than what u invest in just an Year.

    it may cost up to 35 lakhs but in US u can do some part time jobs and u can earn money whole ur studying also..

    and at last it may cost up to 15 lakhs ....

    hope the best for ut future

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