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    Names of NGOs and career in this field after MA in Sociology?

    i had already completed my MA in sociololoy.am vry intrested in NGO field.so plz sugest me about the names of NGO and career in this field

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    Re: Names of NGOs and career in this field after MA in Sociology?

    Future prospect in sociology is good better to join any good NGO or you can also go for civil services, there is a good chance for cracking it for you by combination of subject you opted in your sociology course.

    You can go to
    Health care
    Business consultation
    federal government
    urban social work
    state government
    criminal justice
    evaluation research
    child welfare

    name of NGO
    Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan
    Nanhi Kali
    Project crayons
    Nishay Girls School
    Society for All Round development
    Anjani Foundation
    Save the Children
    The akanksha Foundation
    Reliable Arts & culture Society
    The Dhristhi
    and many more NGO in india

    best of luck

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    Re: Names of NGOs and career in this field after MA in Sociology?

    Since you are masters in Sociology and you are interested in working with NGO, you can try for jobs with International bodies like the WHO (World Health Organization) and the UNO (United Nations Organisation) frequently advertise for projects wherein the services of people with a knowledge of sociology are required. In fact, the Social Welfare Departments of all states as well as the Government of India also carry out research projects for which vacancies for sociologists are regularly advertised. All the best,

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    Re: Names of NGOs and career in this field after MA in Sociology?

    Hello Dear,
    NGO(Non Governmental Organizations) is a non profit making voluntary service oriented organization,working for the benefit of the society and basically according to me a target group in particular.I am listing the names of some of the famous NGO's currently working in India.The NGO's are :-
    Aadhar:- Action for Gender Justice and Empowerment.
    Aashray:- Centre for Child Welfare.
    Action for Autism:- Deals with health issues.
    Aadhar:- Dealing with rural development.
    BAHAI Office for Advancement of Women:- Deals with Child welfare,education,human rights.
    Bastar Sewa Mandal:- Deals with tribal issues,children.
    ICONGO:- Deals with street children.
    Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment:- Deals with environmental issues.
    INTACH(Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage):- Deals with issues of the preservation of Art and heritage.
    Helpage India:- Deals with the problems of the aged.
    Prayas Juvenile Aid Society:- Deals with the issue of street children.
    Prayatn Social Service and Public Welfare Organization:- Deals with the disadvantageous sections of the society.
    LORDS:- Centre for Logical Research and Development Studies.
    Lupin Human Welfare and Research Society:- Deals with the issues of Education,Environmnt,Health and Rural issues.
    Sahayoga:- Deals with orphaned and destitute children.
    Institute For Conflict Management:- Deals with issues of internal security.
    Smile:- Deals with situational management & Inter learning Establishment Society.
    Sewa Bharti:- Deals with rural development programs
    TERI (Tata Energy Research Institute):- Deals with financing education.
    WWF(World Wide Fund for Nature):- Deals with environmental issues.
    ORF (Organizer Research Foundation):- Deals with international politics.

    Some International NGO's are:-
    International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
    Bill & Melinda gates foundation

    Of the above listed NGO's you can work with almost all of the NGO's after completing your M.A in Sociology.Because at the minimum a post graduation degree in Social Work is desired but even other degree in post graduation in the subject close to the working area of the NGO is required.You should be passionate about the cause of the NGO also serious and committed towards your work.You should be highly motivated and should have a strong desire to work in any condition.On an average a social worker engaged with an NGO gets about Rs 5000 at the starting of his/her career.Your salary depends on the size of the organization.In a smaller organization you may have to start at a salary of Rs 3000 to Rs 6000 per month.If you are hired as a personnel and labour welfare officers then you can get a starting pay of Rs 7000+ .
    Have a Bright Career working with NGO's for a great and good cause.

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    Re: Names of NGOs and career in this field after MA in Sociology?

    what should i do after b.com... plz help me out

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