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    Materials for preparation of C-DAC entrance exam?

    I have beein appearing for the entrance test of cdac for admission there and want Matterial of c-dac prep. Thank you

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    Re: Materials for preparation of C-DAC entrance exam?

    Preparation materials for the Cdac entrance exam:
    -Gate book "GK Publication"
    -Text Book of your graduation.

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    Re: Materials for preparation of C-DAC entrance exam?

    CDAC stand for Centre for Development of Advanced Computing

    CDAC conducts entrance exam for embedded and few other courses. The question paper is composed of three sections.

    1.Questions related to english grammar...very simple questions..
    Find the correct response to the following
    a.It was nice talking to you
    options: Me too,Ya,It was very nice,Oh Pity
    there were about four questions similar to above question.

    2.Questions on verbs..also simple

    3.Questions on aptitude from rs agarwal

    Questions were from C++ and oop concepts, Networking..few from C language
    a.Program on structure was given and options were like these..Compiletime error,No error, Run time error.
    Just 2 to three questions were related to programming..mostly from therotical concepts of c and c++.
    b.Question on inheritance
    c.Question on empty class
    d.question on datacables
    e.question on router
    f.questions on union
    g.questions on files (operating systems)
    h.Some questions from all topics of operating systems mentioned in the syllabus.
    For data communications you can follow Book by Farouzan

    Questions from basics of digital electronics like flipfolps,counters,logic gates,k maps,adders,.question on finding number of RAM's required..

    overall the paer was not so easy..however average preparation can help get through.

    thank you All the best

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