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    Master degree course related to Physics which offers big salary?

    i completed bsc in physics. please tell me course of master degree realeted to physics which has a scope and offers a big salary. i don't want to do msc physics

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    Re: Master degree course related to Physics which offers big salary?

    There will be job security in both of Those Engineering disciplines for a long time. The economy in is a slump write now share, But changes are not permanent ( but change this ). So sooner or later people will want to buy all short of trinkets again and Engineer will be needed to make those trichinoses.
    I have work with one person who has a masters in physics, He worked for Boeing on acoustics for a few years, Then switched to mainly programming then had some short of project jointly with the university i am at, and then just jumped ship to the university and those coding for various research projects, So its possible to get a job with a Master's in physics and it would provably be more varied then an Engineering job, But you know how to sell.

    It is usual to be some variation in M Physics scheme to allow you to study the area of Physics which most interested.
    Lancaster university's Physics department offer the following.

    Master Physics
    Master Physics, Astrophysics and cosmology.
    Master Physics with Particle Physics and cosmology.
    Master Physics with Partial Physics and Cosmology.
    Master Physics space science.
    Master Physics Biomedical science.
    Master Physics theoretical Physics.
    Master physics theoretical Physics with Mathematics.

    These schemes will usually en corporate the same core modulus with additional scheme specific modus.

    You have to enter all the information being requested before submitting the application form.
    This includes the GPA and the required test score. Please log in the following URL to get the details on the GRE and the TOEFL schedules and related information.:

    you can also visit at

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    Red face Re: Master degree course related to Physics which offers big salary?


    You can find out more about what careers physics graduates pursue by visiting the study and careers sections of
    http://www.physics.org or by visiting the careers section of the IOP website http://www.iop.org/careers

    Following are the Master degree course related to Physics....

    1. M.Sc in Shock Physics
    2. M.SC in Particle Physics
    3. M.Sc in Medical Physics
    4. M.Sc in Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics
    5. M.Sc in Theoretical Physics
    6. M.Sc in Physics by Research
    7. M.Sc in Medical Radiation Physics
    8. M.Sc in Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors
    9. M.Sc in Physics Biomedical Science
    10. M.Sc in Physics Space Science

    These are all the courses which will give u a good salary when u finsih......


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