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    Information about GMAT and it's preparation?

    My name is Rajan and presntly i am a student of BTech ECE in 3rd year. and after b tech i want to continue with MBA from abroad, so plzzz tell me everythng about GMAT exam about its pattern, its preparation

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    Re: Information about GMAT and it's preparation?


    GMAT means graduate Management Aptitude Test and it is conducted for admission in MBA courses
    in International colleges. In India, on the basis of Gmat exam, you are eligible for admission
    in Executive MBA courses.

    Various colleges which offer Executive MBA course on the basis of GMAT in India are:
    - Indian School of Business Hyderabad
    - IIMs
    - XLRI Jamshedpur

    Since you are in 3rd year if BTech, so once you are in final year of BTech, you are eligible to take this exam.
    You can take this exam anytime as this is an online exam. Currently the registration fee is 250$.

    For preparation, you should start from now onwards. normally its a common trend that engineers perform good
    in Maths section but fail in English section. SO start improving on english section.

    You can refer various books like Sentence correction, Critical reasoning by Manhattan publication.
    You must also refer to official guide which is released by GMAT team every year.

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