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    Improving English speaking as well as Mental power being a Kannada medium student?

    how to improve our english writing skills and i am basicaly from kannada madium student i want to be a good in english speaking and in writing also help me to improve my mental power also

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    sumit pandey Array
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    Dec 2011

    Re: Improving English speaking as well as Mental power being a Kannada medium student?


    It is no where releated to the kind of student you are. You can improve your english reading and writing skills as early as you want.

    Read english newspapers, watch english channels like BBC , CNN etc. Additionally you can join any institute which has english speaking courses in it.

    as soon as you start speaking english your mental power and confidence will automatically boost up.

    Best of luck

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    dinesh5nov_1985 Array
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    Re: Improving English speaking as well as Mental power being a Kannada medium student?

    Most of people in india facing problem in communication & written in English
    If you want to improve in English, you need to follow some guideline

    Reading a good english language newspaper (Editorial, eassy type Artical), listening to news in english and reading a good magazine, make a note for difficult words and try to fine the meaning and origin of that words, that will help to improve your vocabulary, and write short note on any articals what you have read in your day & very most important to try to conversing to all in english, but most of people used regional language in their work place

    Only 15 days you will find improvement in your english Language

    best of luck

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    zoey Array
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    Re: Improving English speaking as well as Mental power being a Kannada medium student?

    Since you are a kannad medium student ,it would be very difficult for you to get an brtish or american english accent in you speaking … but believe me when I say this is not something that really matters …Don't worry about sounding like a native, it is more important to speak clearly and pleasantly than it is to sound like the Queen of England and I will try not to miss any exercise that can help you out with your English …here are some useful tips :
    1.Make a habit of practicing in the front of a mirror as if you are talking to some one else …this will provide you with enough confidence to speak in front of others .
    2.Read a lot of books on enlish literature ….i will suggest shakespere …but if you find it tough go on with novels of chetan bhagat …..
    3.Make sure that your pronunciation is perfectly all right .If you have a problem with your pronunciation or expression you need to work on it. Get the help of some good instructor or get some English movies with subtitles with them and listen properly how they are pronouncing different words …
    4.Next thing you should start to work on is your accent and fluency in English ..Most of the Indians face problems with this as English is not our native language ..
    4.take some time for yourself and write essays on different topics…try to organize your thoughts. Don’t suddenly jump to any conclusion no matter how exciting a thought may be …..
    5.Take the pronunciation and style of speaking lessons from native english speakers …. Listen to and sing English songs ; Watch the English news on television channels like Star World, CNN, BBC and English movies on Star Movies and HBO.It is advisable to watch channels having subtitles in English like HBO,star movies …this can help a lot in grasping the accent …
    6) Try to record some reading sessions of yours in your phone and then listen to them …this is a very important exercise because doing it will help you become conscious of the mistakes you are making….every time you notice a mistake ,make it correct by reading the article again and go on for listening to the recorded reading again …
    7) Grasp every opportunity you have to speak with people in English.If you atre on some social networking sites ,try to use only English for talking with people …also try to talk to your friends in English …remember the best way to learn a language is to get intimate with it …
    8) Grammar is the most essential part of any communication language …so make sure you are well aware of the grammatical rules of English .To improve your grammar practice the following exercises
    Ordering words to make a sentence
    Ordering sentences to make a story
    Punctuating sentences with capital letters, full stops and question marks
    Placing words in alphabetical order
    Spot odd words out
    Synonyms and antonyms
    Use of capital letters, full stops & question marks
    Simple compound words
    A ‘Cloze’ exercise, to fill the gaps in a sentence (usually from a bank of words provided) to make it read correctly…
    Comprehensions: Read a passage and answer questions of fact, simple inferences, both in sentences, & multiple choice format…

    Some useful books for improving your English are:
    • Essential English Grammar by Murphy (Cambridge)
    • Spoken English by R K Bansal and J B Harrison
    • Pronounce It Perfectly In English (book and three audio cassettes) by Jean Yates, Barrons Educational Series
    • English Pronunciation For International Students by Paulette Wainless Dale, Lillian Pom

    Not an easy task but also not at all impossible …here are some tips to improve your mental efficiency :

    1. Balance your nutrition
    heath experts say the best way to keep the brain efficien is to keep it healthy enough to withstand the competitive environment !
    Include healthy and nutritious food like Skimmed milk, Fruit and vegetables, fish oil, Omega 3 (can be found in tuna, salmon, avocado, walnuts, and flax seeds); Broccoli, green tea, oranges, cranberries to your daily diets .

    .Get regular Physical exercise!
    - Stimulation of blood flow is vital for memory improvement, concentration and the growth of neuro cells.

    3. Keep Brain Training and Practicing
    It is a well known saying “Use it or lose it”
    Try learning something new everyday …
    A language, playing an instrument, a new subject, "brain games", and puzzles are a few to cite .
    Mental stimulation strengthens the connections between neurons, thus improving cognitive functioning. Good mental exercise requires novelty, variety and increasing levels of challenge.

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