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    Amar Kumar Prasad Array
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    How and when to prepare for CAT to get into IIMs and other reputed institutes?

    I want to prepare for CAT such that I get IIMs and other reouted institutes, plz tell m how? and when?

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    Satyaki Array
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    Re: How and when to prepare for CAT to get into IIMs and other reputed institutes?

    For CAT preparation u need to start 18 months before hand..for that u can join any institute to keep track of your progress...never start too early say 3 years ago bcoz during CAT preparation the performance first increase s at a steady rate but eventually starts decreasing when u prepare for so long...so start at the right time so as keep ur tenousty alive....

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    akhilesh beri Array
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    Re: How and when to prepare for CAT to get into IIMs and other reputed institutes?

    see going to iim's is not such difficult
    difficult is to get in the merit list
    for all this is you have to increase ur verbal and quantitative ability
    sometime we alone sitting cannot prepare for it , so i'll ask u to join centres like TIME or i'll prefer career launcher
    u start up your day with english news paper and then with the time magazines , these will definately help u
    so in an year u can go high

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    dinesh5nov_1985 Array
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    Re: How and when to prepare for CAT to get into IIMs and other reputed institutes?

    Craking CAT it is not a easy task..... BUT Remember my Friend nothing is impossible (I M Possible) only hard work is the key of creak the CAT exam....

    Need Strong Planning about CAT Exam

    Planning is very important for the preparation of CAT, Firstly collect the information about CAT material and enquire about CAT coaching institutions But there are very few good coaching institution you can choose one, by the quality of coaching they provide. Remember only your systematic approach will help you with gauging, where you stand towards you goal....

    CAT exam usually tests your ability in the following areas:
    1. Reading comprehension & verbal ability
    2. Quantitative Aptitude
    3. Data interpretation & Data sufficiency

    Do not let go your passion at any cause; always keep your spirit high. and last but not least; keep up the hard work, until your exams are on the verge!!

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    irasharma Array
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    Re: How and when to prepare for CAT to get into IIMs and other reputed institutes?

    if you are targeting cat-2012,then there is sufficient time left for you….
    enroll yourself in a reputed coaching institute in your city as they guide you properly and efficiently;their modus operandi is suitable for cat aspirants…however it is not a necessity to join coaching as many aspirants clear this tough exam without enrolling themselves in any organization….so depending on your aptitude you may take the dcision,the choice is entirely yours…
    Best of luck........

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    zoey Array
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    Re: How and when to prepare for CAT to get into IIMs and other reputed institutes?

    U wud have to do a lot of slogging for over 6 months 2 crack CAT.

    Ur Math and ur English need to be very good. Just go on reading newspapers, magazines, novels......anything which could enrich ur vocabulary and add on to ur knowledge of current affairs.

    U need to solve almost every single Mock CAT that u could lay ur hands on. By the time u take CAT, u should have solved over 30 or more Mock CATs. U should spend three to four hours after each of the tests pouring over how u could have done things better .

    i wud prefer u to stop ua preparations a day or two before cat. On the day of test u shud be in the best of ur moods. U have to be fresh n alert ,more sharper n observant during the paper……

    plus I wud suggest u to join some good coaching for the CAT examination like TIME or BULLS EYE …they wud help u a lot in preparing for the examination…

    I wish u best of luck for ur preparations …J

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    surbhi agarwal Array
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    Jan 2012

    Re: How and when to prepare for CAT to get into IIMs and other reputed institutes?

    to prepare for cat u need to have aptitude tests. u will have to go through English and maths deeply.u should have strong grammar. prepare for grammar and do maths from school books. solve cat question papers and more of logical questions.

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    Shekhar Pandey Array
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    Re: How and when to prepare for CAT to get into IIMs and other reputed institutes?

    For the CAT preparation it is not easy to say because some candidates starts preparation from the first year of graduation and some do clear it with the preparation of 6 months.So, you think about that how is your preparation for the exam. Its better if you do it from the graduation. Because the CAT exam is same as other banks PO or clerical exam. So while doing preparations of the CAT you can also qualify the banks exam.

    But also kept one think is that the CAT score card is valid only for one year. So, before the final exam of your graduation you must appear in the CAT. In this way when the CAT result will be announced you are in the final year class. And after declare the results of CAT further process will be start like GD/PI. These process take 3 -4 months. So, when the institutes where you apply for the MBA admissions declare the final result , your final year graduation exams result also declared. In this way your year will not be lost.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    Any graduate students which having 50% (General/OBC Candidates) and 45% (SC/ST/PWD) can apply in the CAT.

    If your above education eligibility criteria is complete then you can apply in the CAT 2012 which form will be issues in the mid of September.

    Syllabus of CAT:

    The CAT 2011 will have only two sections. The first section isQuantitative Ability & Data Interpretation; the second section isVerbal Ability & Logical Reasoning. These two sections will be implemented sequentially with separate time limits. The examination will be 140 minutes only.

    How to Apply in other Institutes which accept CAT score card: When the CAT application form will be issues. Then the other top reputed institutes also issues there admission form. Candidates have to separately fill the each institutes application form and when you fill these institutes application form there will be CAT registration option, in which you have to fill your CAT registration details and when the CAT results come these institutes automatically check your results and if on the basis of available application they makes merit list for the further process. If you not apply in that institutes then even you get 99 percentile they will not call you for admission.

    Means after applying the CAT not means all institutes automatically call you for admission. You have to fill separate form of each institute where you want to get admission.

    The Top tests for MBA are:

    best of luck

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    Prince_Abby Array
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    Re: How and when to prepare for CAT to get into IIMs and other reputed institutes?

    Due to increase in competition in this sector you have to start taking coaching for it from the very end of 2nd year of b-tech only. There are Lots of Coaching. The Main and Vital subject for this is ENGLISH. work hard in it You will be succeeded.

    The Following Exams you can appear for


    All the best. get into IIMs.
    good luck

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    Re: How and when to prepare for CAT to get into IIMs and other reputed institutes?

    i m pursuing my 2nd year of bba .. is it the ryyt tym to get coaching for CAT?

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    er.animesh6 Array
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    Re: How and when to prepare for CAT to get into IIMs and other reputed institutes?

    Helli guest,
    Common Aptitude Test(CAT) is a all india online based post graduation aptitude exam for admission for MBA.
    It is a very compatitive exam as millions of students every year appear for it.For getting admission in Top management Institudes like Indian Institude of Management((IIM) you required very high percential(above 97) in CAT.
    For scoring High percentile you need to have at least one year good preparation in some good coaching centers.Such a coaching center is TIMES.Another is CARRER LAUNCHER.Many of IIMs students are once studying in TIMES you can get from them.
    The faculties are good,you will be provided with good notes and have competetion with other good students.
    You can visit your nearest TIMES center for registration,fees for coaching,dates and time of you classes.
    Best of luck.

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    megh@ Array
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    Re: How and when to prepare for CAT to get into IIMs and other reputed institutes?

    CAT stands for Common Aptitude Test which is conducted for the admission of candidates into MBA course.

    CAT exam is not a easy nut to crack. You really need hard work and determination to crack the exam. You need to plan your studies accordingly to get a good rank in the CAT exam. For getting into IIMs you need to score high marks in the CAT exam. Due to the increase in competition in this field getting into the merit list of IIMs has become very tough.


    >>There is no age limit.

    >>The candidates need to have a graduation degree in any stream like Science/Technology/Engineering/Commerce/Arts/Computer science from a UGC recognized university. The final year candidates are also eligible to apply. The candidates must score 50% in their graduation degree.

    >>there is no limit for attempts.



    You can even join any of the coaching centers for CAT preparation:





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    mahi4mk Array
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    Re: How and when to prepare for CAT to get into IIMs and other reputed institutes?

    dear aspirants ,

    I suggest you some books for you prepare CAT exam best and get admission MBA colges.

    CAT stands for common admission test for MBA colg.Your age is not require in MBA course.

    CAT is a entry pass of mba colg and this is a tough exam so prepare well and make future

    bright in this fields and MBA is a 2 year course after complete you get a good jobs in this

    fields are marketing ,productions ,finance ,media,quantity ,Human resourses and good MNC

    company governments jobs .

    MBA B-schools best in india:



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