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    How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    how i prepair current event portion in ias prelims exam?

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    chandu6444 Array
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    Apr 2012

    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    Hi Dude,

    To prepare your self or go for I.A.S coaching,many centers offers the I.A.S coaching.

    Prepare topics like,
    Current events.
    History of India.
    General science.
    Logical resoning.
    Analytical ability.
    Decision making.
    problem solving.
    General mental ability etc.

    For more information please see the website:

    All the best................

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    DANISH Array
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    Dec 2011

    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    I will recommend you to use the following books to prepare for different sections of IAS exam.






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    aalarif Array
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    Mar 2012

    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    sir,for studying and preparing for current event portion ,the best ways is to keep upto date with todays world,best ways are to watch news,read newspapers and also you can buy latest times of india magazines,business magazine,and current event magazines also get some General Knowledge books.
    It will help you in preparing,

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    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    To prepare for current events for IAS,
    Stay updated to wikipedia's news section for international news,
    personalize google news sections as per current events.
    For recalling,
    make notes, read them before you sleep and take online/offline tests.

    Read a newspaper THE HINDU (highly recommended) and follow up important events and persons,
    Subscribe to online/offline books of manorama, CSR, pratiyogita darpan.

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    Raj@08 Array
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    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    Current affairs or GK can not be learned in 2-3 days, it requires regular reading.
    Start reading the newspapers and various different magazines like India today, Business World etc..
    Purchase monthly subscription of Competition Success or Pratiyogita Darpan and read them on regular basis...
    Reading and only reading on regular basis can enrich your knowledge of current affairs..

    All the best

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    muthupandiyan Array
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    Apr 2012

    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    Hello Friend,
    • Read News paper Daily
    • Visit some websites like etc
    • Update your Current Affaires like Ministers,states etc...
    • Watch news on TV
    • Use following books for IAS preparation,

    Current Affairs Extract From News for IAS, Banking Sector and Other Competitive Exams by G. K. P

    IAS Indian History by Gk

    Indian Economy For Civil Services Ias Preliminary Exam by Puri Gk, Parida Mr, Kathiravan K

    IAS Geography by Gk


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    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    hello evreryone
    i am jaha shaik .....i am pursuing btech 1st year and im instered for civil services .
    ..apart from that i would like to become IAS officer........let u people clarify my doughts

    1..should i start my gk preparation from know onwards
    2..should i start CSAT preparation from know onwards....becaz CSAT test was from 2011 going to appear civil service after 4or5 that time the CSAT may be available r not how do i know about CSAT will be r not....please email ur ans to my id .....

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    tui99 Array
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    Oct 2012

    Cool Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    To do best in current affairs you are to follow these things:

    1.listen english national,international news. english news papers like express/economics times of india/business standard. an ias candidate you should have prolonged connection with monthly/fortnight/weekly mazazine like india today,competition success review,competition master and so on.


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    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

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    manojbadoniya Array
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    May 2012

    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    Dear before getting started the preparation of IAS Preliminary Current Events, you should know that which topics are there comes under Current Events because this is not very limited subject in examination and Current Events covers entire Current Affairs Sections happening in India and the world so you have to list out those topics first then start preparation of this subject and major topics are following asked under Current Events Section :

    * Economy of India and Comparison with other top economies of the world
    * All responsible factors in development of Indian Economy i.e. - Banking, Agriculture, etc.
    * UNO - United Nations Organizations, IMF - International Monetary Fund, World Bank - Major decisions and functions of these international bodies, Chief of these organizations
    * Awards and Honors - National and International Awards as - Nobel Prize, Bharat Ratna, Best Actor/Actress of the Year, Cannes Film Festival, Best Poetry and Poet Award, Best Movie of the year on International Level, Saraswati Samman, Indira Gandhi Awards etc.
    * RBI - Reserve Bank of India, Asian Development bank - Functions and New policies in Financial sector
    * All Ministries of India - New Changes and Appointment in COM - Council of Ministers
    * Recently launched and published new books with author name presented by leaders in India as - Vice President
    * Sports - National and International - All Series, trophies and championships including - Cricket, Tennis, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Golf, F1 Racing etc.
    * Big Summits and Meetings held in the world i.e. - SAARC, ASIAN, NAM, BRICS, G-20, G-8, NATO etc.
    * Newly Appointed PM/ Presidents in the world of various countries including newly appointed chief/leader of various companies/organizations as - DRDO, ISRO etc.
    * Major Highlighted Events happened in past year i.e. - 2G Spectrum Scam, Commonwealth Scam
    * Government of States and Central Government of India, New Plans and Schemes of Central Government of India i.e. - MGPSY - Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojna
    * New Bills and Acts implemented in India - i.e. - Food Security Bill, Money Laundering Bill etc.
    * Defense Ministry - Newly launched Missiles and Weapons etc.

    Now the question comes that how to prepare for all these mentioned topics and where to collect data and study materials from so you should not worry because everything is possible and available very easily

    First of all you have to get complete study material and find out some reliable sources that provides better study with genuine content and covers more topics only in one book and you may buy that and some of the best current events books are listed for IAS aspirants

    Competition Wizard
    Frontline Magazine
    Kurukkshestra - Monthly Magazine
    Yojna - New Events in India - Monthly
    Chronicle - Current Affairs - Monthly and Yearly
    UPSC Portal - Current Affairs Magazine - Yearly for IAS Civil Service
    The Hindu - Daily News Paper
    Business Line - Daily News Paper

    Other Helpful books for Current Events

    Success Mirror
    Pratiyogita Darpan
    Pratiyogita Kiran
    Pratiyogita Sahitya
    Arihant Publication - Current Affairs
    Dhankar Publication - Current Affairs and Economy
    Economic Times - Daily News Paper

    If you got the books then you should begin preparation and this is not necessary that you buy all the above mentioned books, you can shortlist some best on your own knowledge and get them

    Step I is that you should make a habit to read at least two different news papers everyday in which one paper should be of national level that provides genuine information including international events and one news paper should be local of your area and state that gives you more details about your state where you live in your local language so this will keep you in touch everyday with new current events and general awareness happening in the world and be careful while reading the news paper because sometimes you will find out some good topics related all mentioned above so make a good notebook and note down all the essential topics in that and give at least 1 hours everyday only for news papers

    Step II says that you read magazines everyday bought from the market and make a schedule that you have to complete entire magazine in one or two days because if we read concentratively then a magazine does not take more than 2 hours to be completed but IAS magazines will take some time so you may increase but try to finish as soon as possible and do the same as you will do while reading news papers means write major topics and keep these magazines and books reading so you will not forget and will get more detailed knowledge about the world and India

    Step III is very important for you and other aspirants is that your revision for Current Events because this is the part that makes huge confusion after completing study and this confusion can only be removed by revising everything again and again but take at least 7 days of gap then revise everything with the help of your magazines and do not forget to read your noted data of current events because that is important for you

    Step IV allow you to take any good coaching institute and get registered for online or offline speed test for Current Affairs and take that mock test everyday and know your level of study and knowledge over this subject then analyze yourself that how good you are going to your way and you will get some new things in test so remember and make them prepared again

    Step V is to find out a big source of genuine information on Internet because there are so many websites provides this type of data but only some of them are genuine so you have to search some good websites and get prepared through internet so you will get some extra topics that are necessary and may be asked in examination and some of the websites as - PIB India - Press Information Bureau, Jagranjosh, Competition Master, UPSC Portal etc.

    If possible then take some previous years and model question papers to prepare

    All the best

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    HARSHADA Array
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    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    how i prepair current event portion in ias prelims exam?
    Hello friend,

    There are many ways to prepare for current events.

    1) Watch International News channels

    2) Read news papers like Times of India, Pionear, Indian Express etc daily.

    3) Buy some books for current issues.

    4) Also read monthly magzines for more study.

    5) There are many online tests for Current events. Solve them.

    6) Use search engines like google and yahoo for each topic to understand deeply.

    Here I am giving a link for online tests on current events. Please go through it.

    Hope this helps you for IAS preparation.

    All the best!!

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    k.uma Array
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    Cool Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    HI DUDE,


    A candidate must have completed their graduation Degree in any Discipline (B.A,, B.E ) with atlest 55% from recognise universities.

    Final yr students are also applicable.

    Age Limit:-
    1. General category student: 21-30 yrs.
    2. OBC relaxation in upper age +3 yrs.
    3. SC/ST relaxation in upper age +5 yrs.

    No. Attempt:-
    1. General - max. 4.
    2. OBC - max. 7.
    3. SC/ST - No limit.

    Exam Pattern:-
    1. Preliminary Exam.
    2. Main Exam.
    3. Interview.

    Main exam Pattern :-
    • One of the Indian Language - 300 Marks.
    • English - 300 Marks .
    • Essay - 200 Marks .
    • General Studies - 600 marks .
    • Any two optional Subjects - 1200 Marks .

    books for IAS exam:-

    1.Indian Struggle of Independence by Bipun Chandra.

    2.Geography of India by D R khullur.

    3.Indian Economy by Dutt and Sundaram .

    4.Human Geography by Majit Hussain.

    5.Oxford Atlas India.

    6.Quantitative Aptitude by R S Agarwal.

    7.English Grammer and Composition by Wren and Martin.

    IAS 2014 Syllabus:-

    Preliminary exam: paper 1 (200 marks) consists of;

    • Current events of national and international importance
    • History of India and Indian national movement
    • Indian and world geography
    • Indian politics and governance
    • Economic and social development
    • Ecology
    • General science

    Preliminary exam: paper 2

    • Comprehension
    • Interpersonal skills including communication skills
    • Logical reasoning and analytical ability
    • Basic numeracy
    • English language comprehension skills

    IAS optional papers for main exams:-

    1.General studies.
    7.Public Administration.
    10.Medical science.
    11.Electrical Engineering.
    19.Commerce & Accountancy.

    Main examination is conducted in October/ November which comprises of 7 papers:-

    1.Paper 1: One of the Indian languages chosen from the prescribed list.
    2.Paper 2: English.
    3.Paper 3: Essay.
    4.Paper 4: Optional subject 1.
    5.Paper 5: Optional subject 1.
    6.Paper 6: Optional subject 2.
    7.Paper 7: Optional subject 2.

    Interview is conducted in March/ April.

    Prepare topics like;

    1.Current Events
    2.History of India
    4.General Science
    6.Logical reasoning
    7.Analytical ability
    8.Decision making
    9.problem solving
    10.General mental ability.



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    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    Hello my dear Friend ..


    This exam is conducted by the " Union Public Service Commission " ...

    There will be a Tough competition .. so you need to Put more stuff

    The below are the various books for the IAS CURRENT AFFAIRS

    Generally it is better to PREPARE USE MAIL ALERTS AND MONTHLY BOOKS rather than the PRINTED BOOKS

    You can Sign Up via Email from the below website

    For that kindly go to the below website

    There by you can easily prepare the CURRENT AFFAIRS easily ...


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    cenarocks Array
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    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    Knowledge of Current Affairs play an Important Role in IAS exam.

    Your GK must be well to crack IAS exam.

    >>Read English newspaper Daily

    >>Watch TV news daily(AAJ TAK)

    >>Share new things with others

    >>Read Weekly Magazine

    >>You must follow best IAS GK books.

    >>Manage Your time table according to Preparation.

    All the best....................

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    Mr.N Arora Array
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    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    To prepare current events preparation an IAS candidate to take steps:-

    1.You are to read National Newspaper daily at least 2 hours.

    2.Listen National News twice daily.

    3.Read monthly magazine like CSR/COMPETITION MASTER/FRONTLINE/

    These steps will enhance current event knowledge.

    Thank You,

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    Ajaygupta123 Array
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    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    You have to prepare for IAS exam is a very discipline manner otherwise you will lag behind and will not be able to complete the syllabus.

    To start with, one will begin with basic books; NCERT books that helps in giving birth foundation and helps in making basic concepts clear. when this commencement of learning, one has to raise himself to the next level through focusing on contemporary issues and developments

    The most necessary factor whereas preparing general studies is adopting a systematic approach. Few constituents like Indian Economy, Polity, Geography, Modern Indian History and Current Affairs are reckoning in each Prelims and Main Examination General Studies program. So, any preparation aimed at Main Examination would automatically cover the prelim needs and can assist you perform higher.

    It is essential to own thorough understanding of what you are reading and developing clarity on issues and their application is that the necessities side that should be clear to the candidates from day one.

    The coverage of latest issues has made newspaper reading a requirement. Be it Prelims or Main examination, you'll be able to not undermine the value of current events and contemporary developments.

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    megh@ Array
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    Re: How to prepare for current event of IAS exam?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    how i prepair current event portion in ias prelims exam?

    Dear Friend,
    First of all my best of luck for your preparation of the IAS.

    IAS is Indian Administartive Service. It is one of the most prestigious and toughest exam is India.





    There are several topic you need to prepare for the Prelims stage, one of them is Current Affairs.


    <>Read the newspaper regularly.

    <>Note down the important topics/events so that you can revise.

    <>Watch the national news daily.

    <>You can also read monthly magazines like Competition Master/Frontline.

    <>Some of the Arihant IAS Current Affairs books are also helpful.

    <>Surf internet for latest national updates.

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